Bradley Cooper Replaces Jude Law In Jane Got A Gun

By Nick Venable 2013-04-06 01:43:10discussion comments
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Bradley Cooper Replaces Jude Law In Jane Got A Gun image
Letís be honest here. We arenít sure if this Is the last major update when it comes to Jane Got a Gun or not. It seems perfectly plausible, but then nothing thatís happened in this filmís long and winding road to production Ė a production that is now two weeks in progress no less. The perfect time to be on the hunt for a lead actor for the film you just inherited. First it was Michael Fassbender. Then it was Jude Law. And then it wasnít anybody.

And now
Deadline reports Bradley Cooper will replace Law as the filmís ruthless antagonist, who was originally supposed to be played by Joel Edgerton, who took on the protagonist role when Law came aboard. Law left following director Lynne Ramsey, who bailed due to production problems and led the producers to bring in Gavin OíConnor to replace her. It appears that Edgertonís involvement and Natalie Portmanís role of Jane are the only things about this film that havenít changed. But that doesnít mean all changes are bad. Cooper was cast in an effort to find someone with Lawís international appeal, and no kidding, they accomplished their goal.

Cooper is one of the busiest guys in Hollywood these days, and while his films aren't always successful, his charisma and talent within them are ever-present, earning him an Academy Award nomination for his performance in David O. Russellís Silver Linings Playbook. Heís supposed to be currently shooting Russellís next film, while The Place Beyond the Pines recently hit theaters. The Hangover III, of course, is coming in May. And he has no less than 439 films also attached to his name.

But considering how quickly he needs to jump into this film, itís safe to say this one takes precedence over everything else. Jane Got a Gun is set for a 2014 premiere, at which point the producers will all collapse in a heap of relief.
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