Check Out This Video That Catches A Ridiculous Amount of Deadpool Easter Eggs

By Dirk Libbey 3 months agodiscussion comments
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Deadpool has a boatload of references. It seems virtually every joke he makes is a reference to something related to comics, other comic book movies, or just something within pop culture. They come so fast, itís virtually impossible to catch them all. That didnít stop us from trying. It also hasnít stopped others from trying, as well. This video does a pretty good job of nailing nearly every reference made in the film. Check it out.

The video from Mr. Sunday Movies lists over 100 individual references, and while he does artificially stretch that number a bit -- Cable somehow counts as more than one reference because he has more than one connection to Deadpool and the greater X-Men universe -- there are still some absolutely stellar references made here. Thereís even a couple that we have to admit to missing like the Parker Blvd. sign on the freeway being a likely reference to Peter Parker, as well as the fact that the sequence with the pizza delivery guy actually comes directly from the comics. We havenít read all of them.

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We also have to raise a glass for the writer catching the Monty Python Four Yorkshiremen reference that we loved, and many others have missed. Mr. Sunday Movies knows that he missed several references, however, and weíre happy to help him out. He missed the reference to Weird Science when Wade talks about Vanessa being like he made her in a computer. Also, just before the 127 Hours joke Deadpool says "Dead or alive, youíre coming with me," which is a Robocop reference, if youíre keeping score. Also, thereís a Sylvester Stallone Cobra reference. And the Bea Arthur t-shirt. Oh, and donít forget Fat Gandalf. Seriously, we could keep going but weíll be here all day.

But the greatest reference of all is still the one at the end of the credits where Deadpool has his own personal Ferris Bueller moment. If you havenít seen the movie yet, it kinda looks like this.

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What was your favorite Deadpool reference? Is there anything that nobody else has caught yet? Let us know in the comments.
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