Chris Tucker has finished his work on this year’s mindless sequel, Rush Hour 3 so what’s next on his plate? Never one for originality, Tucker is looking at doing another sequel to another one of his franchise films. Apparently Ice Cube has expressed interest in getting Tucker back for a fourth Friday film and Tucker is open to the idea.

Actually, such a description is a little strong for the commitment Tucker actually made. The annoying-voiced actor told the MTV Movies blog, “I would love to, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it. But come with a great script and I’ll consider it. We’ll see.”

It’s kind of funny to hear that he’s not sure he would be able to do it. As of right now, Tucker’s schedule is free, at least from any known film projects, and as of late the actor has been somewhat difficult to commit to any new movies. Considering the few movies Tucker has actually done, the $25 million paycheck attached to the actor is a little steep. In fact, it’s been a decade since Tucker did anything that didn’t have the title Rush Hour, but he’ll have to see if he’ll be able to do a Friday sequel. Sure, I’m sure the offers are rolling in… or something is rolling.

Tucker told MTV that the first Friday film is special to him because it only took 20 days to make and cost $2 million to make. I doubt he’s so impressed with that simplicity that he’d be willing to waive his current asking price, however. Consider another Friday with Tucker unlikely.

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