Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco Gets Oscar-Friendly Release Date

By Sean O'Connell 2013-03-25 11:11:55discussion comments
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Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco Gets Oscar-Friendly Release Date image
Everything about Grace of Monaco screams ďOscar contender!Ē Now it has the choice limited-release date to confirm its status.

The Weinstein Company today revealed (via Deadline) that Olivier Dahanís Grace Kelly biopic, which casts Nicole Kidman in the title role, will arrive in select theaters on Dec. 27, putting it right in the wheelhouse of when movies with Academy Award aspirations are supposed to start screening for critics and guild organizations.
More than thirty years after her death, Grace Kellyís story continues to be one of insurmountable allure and we are so happy Olivier Dahan has brought it new life,Ē said TWC Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein. ďAs always, Nicole Kidmanís commanding performance is the perfect portrait of a woman who was not only royalty, but who also remains a legend of the silver screen and fashion icon.Ē

Why are we so confident that Monaco harbors Oscar dreams? Where should we begin? Interest by The Weinstein Company, for starters, is the biggest indicator. Harvey Weinstein often backs excellent movies but primarily enjoys his spot at the head of the hunt for annual Oscar contenders. Hollywood also adores movies that honor icons of the film industryís past Ö and Kelly went on to become actual royalty when she left her career behind and married Prince Rainier III (whoíll be played by Tim Roth in Dahanís film).

A few interesting things to note in the Weinstein press release. They mention that the film recently screened for Weinstein execs in London, which means itís predominantly finished, and Dahan (La Vie En Rose) is not racing the clock Tom Hooper-style to make an Oscar deadline. That could mean Grace will hit the festival circuit to start generating buzz, with potential bows in Venice, New York, Toronto or Los Angeles at the various end-of-year film fests. Or it could follow Django Unchainedís path of not screening until the last minute. Tarantinoís movie did earn a Best Picture nomination, and won multiple Oscars this year. We shall see, but Weinstein already is plotting this yearís Oscar race, and Kidman figures to be a major part.
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