Reese Witherspoon Will Produce Adaptation Of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl

By Mack Rawden 2012-07-12 12:25:05discussion comments
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Reese Witherspoon Will Produce Adaptation Of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl image
Just a few weeks after its release, Gillian Flynnís third novel, Gone Girl, rose up the charts and now sits on both the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers lists. Ordinarily, that would be the good news weíre reporting, but thanks to a huge auction sale, itís just part of Flynnís success.

According to Deadline, the movie adaptation rights to Gone Girl hit the block earlier this week, and after some ferocious bidding, Pacific Standard won out. The specifics of the transaction are being kept under wraps, but sources say the bidding hit seven figures, which is a huge return for an author who hasnít yet had a massive movie success.

Perhaps more exciting for fans, Reese Witherspoon has already emerged as one of the producers on the upcoming film. Sheíll watch over things alongside Bruna Papandrea and Leslie Dixon, while Flynn adapts her own work. The authorís other two novels have been sold previously and are in the development stages, but without any footage, itís still difficult to discern how they, or this, might translate to the big screen.

Gone Girl follows a traumatic relationship and a disappearance. After years of fighting, cheating and being combative, a woman goes missing in a small town, and the police look to her husband to find the answers. He denies any involvement, but after his mistakes come to light, authorities find it difficult to believe him. The novel, which has been getting great reviews, is written in the first person, alternating between man and wife; so, itíll be interesting to see what form the adaptation takes.
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