Veronica Mars Movie Featurette Focuses On A Familiar LoVe Triangle

By Kelly West 2013-10-28 16:38:44discussion comments
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Dick and Veronica forever! (DiVe?) Ok, probably not, but letís all applaud the final moments of the above featurette for entertaining the thought. Alas, Veronica Mars isnít an eager-to-please brunette. But she is a super-smart private eye, and exactly the kind of person youíd want to go to if you were wanted for murder, which appears to be the case for Logan Echolls. And that brings us to one of the actual points of the unresolved Veronica Mars love LoVe triangle.

The last peek at the film was probably back during Comic-Con, so itís great to have another reminder that the film is on the way and due to arrive this Spring. Hopefully weíll hear an actual release date soon.

If your memoryís rusty on where Logan, Veronica and Piz left off when Season 3 of the series wrapped up, Veronica was technically dating Piz, though there was still some spark between her and Logan. After a dirty video of Veronica and Piz made its way online, Logan beat up Piz, believing it was he that leaked the video. He was wrong and Veronica was angry. And then this happenedÖ

Logan learns that the guy who leaked the video is "connected-connected" but that doesnít stop him from making amends with Veronica by giving the guy a good old-fashioned cafeteria beat-down, complete with spilled food. After expressing amusement and indifference over the kidís threats ó which may or may not have come to fruition in the years since ó he sees Piz, gives him a genuine apology and walks away. All the while, Veronica has about seven different facial expressions, all of which say a lot more than words probably ever could. Or maybe itís just sappy people like me that will interpret her reaction as an indication that she still loves him, even if he isnít the safe choice when it comes to men.

Of course, the series was cancelled and we never did get to see LoVe reunited. But the optimist in me hopes that by bringing Veronica and Piz back together for the movie, the proper closure will happen. And by proper closure, I mean the film will find some way to finish the story, however itís meant to end up. If that means Veronica ends up with Logan, well, Iím not complaining.

In more pressing news, Loganís wanted for murder. Thatís not new-news, but the featurette clues us into Sean Friedrichís involvement. We knew Kevin Sheridan was set to reprise his role as Sean, the guy who tried posing as an Ď09er and got away with it until Veronica busted him for stealing the poker game money and revealed that heís the son of a butler and not actually wealthy. Seanís name and face pop up when Veronicaís looking at Loganís predicamentÖ

Sean Veronica Mars

Seanís a music video director? Well, good for him. But it also looks like heís connected to the murdered girl, which Iím thinking makes him a suspect. But I bet he has an alibi. And I bet it turns out to be a lie. But I also bet Sean still didnít still didnít do it. Too obvious.

Those of you who helped fund the Kickstarter campaign and pledged enough to get a t-shirt might expect to get your shirt in the mail this week. Mine came today.
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