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Chills: Watch Justin Timberlake And Anna Kendrick Duet True Colors
While at first glance, one might not be expecting too much from an animated film based on a toy line, the Trolls movie has been putting together an impressive cast of voices. If you don't believe that, listen to them sing.
justin timberlake Dirk Libbey 2016-05-11
The Animated Troll Doll Movie Has A Really Impressive Cast
Yes, a movie based on those plastic Troll dolls is actually happening, and they've actually assembled an impressive cast. You won't believe what superstar just signed up.
justin timberlake Brent McKnight 2015-09-15
The 11 Best Musicians-Turned-Actors Of All Time
There are a number of musicians that have taken a stab at acting, whether it be in playing themselves on screen, or a different role. But there are few that do so successfully. Here we pay tribute to those musicians-turned-actors.
justin timberlake Catarina Cowden 2015-08-31
Black Snake Moan's Craig Brewer Reteams With Justin Timberlake For The Idolmaker
If you’re like MGM, you’ll agree that cinema just doesn’t have enough remakes of thinly veiled biopics that aren’t biopics. In that respect, you should be happy to know that their upcoming update of 1980’s The Idolmaker has landed a director with his own history of music-infused filmmaking
justin timberlake Nick Venable 2014-03-04
Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack Is Now Streaming Online
The Coen Brothers have put together amazing soundtracks for their films in the past, from the best-selling bluegrass that accompanied O Brother Where Art Thou to Carter Burwell's booming True Grit score. But honest to God, they have outdone themselves again with Inside Llewyn Davis, their new film coming this December that's set in the early 60s folk music scene of Greenwich Village-- the scene that birthed Bob Dylan, though you'll only see and hear him briefly in this melancholy, completely wonderful movie
justin timberlake Katey Rich 2013-11-05
Spike Lee In Talks For Justin Timberlake Drama Spinning Gold
Penned by Bogart's son Timothy Scott Bogart, Spinning Gold follows the music impresario's rise from the impoverished streets of Brooklyn, New York, to the record exec who launched the careers of such iconic musicians as Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, Gladys Knight, KISS, Donna Summers and The Village People.
justin timberlake Kristy Puchko 2013-10-31
When Bad Movies Happen To Good People: 13 Flops We've Kindly Forgotten
There's a difference between the flops an actor makes early in their career, or even the flops that happen once they're well-established, and the flops that seem to happen just as their careers are picking up steam. Just when audiences are starting to get to know and like an actor, or when Oscar buzz or "A-list star" titles start floating around, out comes some awful disaster that's so bad, everyone chooses to simply forget about it and move on
justin timberlake CB Staff 2013-10-07
Short Story Saturday: Justin Timberlake's Decision
He would play to sold out, highly appreciative crowds every single night, and every single concertgoer would leave the venue with an inflated, almost God-like perception of his talent. You know how pretty girls sometimes like hitting up the town with ugly friends so they look like models in contrast?
justin timberlake Mack Rawden 2013-08-31
Justin Timberlake Wants To Be The Riddler Opposite Ben Affleck's Batman
Asked if he’d be willing to pair up again with Affleck—perhaps as his Robin—Timberlake was quick to shoot that down. "Not a chance in hell," he exclaimed. "I ain't playing Robin. I have no aspiration to ever be a superhero in a movie."
justin timberlake Kristy Puchko 2013-08-30
Justin Timberlake May Join The Idolmaker Remake As Producer, And Maybe More
According to TheWrap, Timberlake is beginning negotiations to become a producer for MGM’s upcoming remake of The Idolmaker. Despite not having much experience as a producer, his presence in a biopic that is musically oriented is a concrete win for MGM.
justin timberlake Nick Venable 2013-08-30
Runner Runner Character Posters: Beautiful People, And Not Much More
Timberlake and co-star Ben Affleck have a solid fanbase who will go and see anything these guys put out – and Gemma Arterton as well, I suppose – so it’s sometimes best just to hang onto the actors over a film’s storyline.
justin timberlake Nick Venable 2013-07-08
Justin Timberlake Confirmed For Music Biopic Spinning Gold
For his part, Mr. Sexy Back will produce and star as Bogart, a poor kid from Brooklyn who rose to the heights of self-made success in the tricky terrain of pop music. Timberlake also helped develop the screenplay alongside Bogart's son Timothy Scott Bogart.
justin timberlake Kristy Puchko 2013-05-03
Justin Timberlake Eyed To Play Daddy Warbucks In Annie Remake?
Granted, this is a rumor that originated at The New York Post, but bear with us here. They say "Hollywood sources are buzzing" that none other than Justin Timberlake is being considered for the Daddy Warbucks role, the man who adopts Annie from the orphanage as a PR stunt and eventually grows to love her. Timberlake starred for Gluck in Friends with Benefits, and perhaps even more importantly he collaborated with Jay-Z on his new single "Suit and Tie"; Jay-Z is on board to produce and "reimagine" the music for the Annie film
justin timberlake Katey Rich 2013-03-19
Justin Timberlake Could Star In Alcoholic Romantic Dramedy The Last Drop
Justin Timberlake has spent his career bouncing between comedy and drama, making movies like Bad Teacher and Friends With Benefits alongside titles like The Social Network and In Time, and now he’s finding a middle ground with the new dramedy The Last Drop. The actor is now in talks to join the project, which is being directed by Peter Sollett, who is best known for helming 2008’s Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
justin timberlake Eric Eisenberg 2012-09-26
Gemma Arterton Joins Affleck And Timberlake For Runner Runner
With eye-catching appearances in Quantum of Solace and Clash of the Titans, English beauty Gemma Arterton has become a sort of go-to girl when a macho movie needs some sultry eye candy. Notably, this sort of sexy sidelining is not really a reflection of Arterton's talent—critics generally cheered her starring role in Stephen Frear's plucky dramedy Tamara Drewe—but rather the tiresome trap that many young, lovely and vaguely exotic ingénues fall into.
justin timberlake Kristy Puchko 2012-05-30
Anthony Mackie Joins Affleck And Timberlake In Runner Runner
By now, if you've been going to the movies even somewhat regularly in the last few years, you surely know who Anthony Mackie is. Without ever quite making the step up to leading man, he's appeared in supporting roles in a lot of fascinating films, from The Hurt Locker to the underrated The Adjustment Bureau
justin timberlake Katey Rich 2012-05-18
Project X Breakout Oliver Cooper Joins Affleck And Timberlake In Runner Runner
Production is set to start in June, just a few months before Affleck's new directorial effort Argo opens October 12. It's nice to see him willing to take on acting roles in addition to his burgeoning directing career, and the idea of him playing a sleazeball online gambling entrepreneur? I mean no offense when I say that's some pretty perfect casting
justin timberlake Katey Rich 2012-05-16
Ben Affleck And Justin Timberlake Will Star In Gambling Thriller Runner Runner
Ben Affleck's latest acting job was actually for himself, as he took a leading role in his third directorial effort, Argo, which comes to theaters this fall. But the actor-turned-pretty-impressive-director apparently hasn't given up on working for other people either, and has signed on to star opposite Justin Timblerake
justin timberlake Katey Rich 2012-04-16
Justin Timberlake And Carey Mulligan Get Vintage On The Inside Llewyn Davis Set
Shooting a movie on the streets of New York is never an easy task, but that goes double when you're working with stars on the level of Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake, both of whom were bundled up yesterday in Manhattan to shoot Inside Lllewyn Davis. They're probably the starriest names in the cas
justin timberlake Katey Rich 2012-02-23
Justin Timberlake Joins Clint Eastwood And Amy Adams In Trouble With The Curve
Justin Timberlake is definitely coming along as an actor, but he does need to work a bit on consistency. While The Social Network was amazing and Bad Teacher was surprisingly funny, he also has titles like Yogi Bear and In Time on his resume from the last two years. The key may be for him to start working with more talented people.
justin timberlake Eric Eisenberg 2012-01-31
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