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EIFF 10: Final Festival Wrap-Up
Our time in Edinburgh is over for another year and unfortunately I saw far more in 14 days than I could ever hope to provide full write-ups on under the tight deadlines
vacation Stuart Wood 2010-06-29
Screenwriters Hired For Vacation Reboot
Chevy Chase will also be part of the festivities, as Grandpa Clark. No word on whether D'Angelo is returning, but if she made the time for the Homeaway ad, you've got to figure a cameo here is inevitable
vacation Katey Rich 2010-02-11
Leaked Footage From The Griswold's Next Vacation
It says leaked footage, but the reality of it is that this is just a teaser for a short film that will premiere on Sunday over at Either way, you're going to be getting your first real look at where New Line is taking the new Vacation
vacation Will LeBlanc 2010-02-03
Clark and Ellen Griswold To Return In Super Bowl Ad
It kind of sucks that their only purpose would be to hock wares, but this will certainly be something to look forward to. Along with Irwin Fletcher and Ty Webb, Clark Griswold was one of his best characters
vacation Eric Eisenberg 2009-11-23
Chevy Chase's Vacation Turned Over To The Next Generation
New Line Cinema is working on a sequel to the 1983 comedic masterpiece National Lampoon’s Vacation. Before you roll your eyes and click to something else, hear me out. This is nothing like the abortive 1997 sequel Vegas Vacation
vacation Josh Tyler 2009-10-07
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