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Is A World Of Warcraft Movie A Good Idea? A Gamer Speaks Out
Personally, I was surprised by this pick since Jones is better known for sci-fi than fantasy. Would this filmmaker who stood out with a mind-bending low-budget space drama be a good choice for a presumably special effects heavy fantasy epic? Sure, with 2011's Source Code Jones showed he could handle action sequences, but is he ready to deliver on the high expectations WoW lovers are sure to bring to this movie?
warcraft Kristy Puchko 2013-02-01
World Of Warcraft Movie Gets Director Duncan Jones And Starts This Fall
Jones has become a favorite among sci-fi fans in recent years, thanks to the inventive takes on the genre in Moon and Source Code and his lively Twitter feed, where he confirmed the news by saying "So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago: Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game
warcraft Katey Rich 2013-01-30
World Of Warcraft Movie Lives Again With New Screenwriter
In the long history of movie studios trying to turn video games into feature films, World of Warcraft-- along with Halo maybe-- has been one of the biggest white whales. As far back as 2006 we were reporting on plans for a film adaptation of the hugely popular role-playing game
warcraft Katey Rich 2012-08-02
Sam Raimi Is Off World Of Warcraft Movie
Bad news WoW enthusiasts, Sam Raimi will not be directing the long in-development movie adaptation of sprawling online role playing game World of Warcraft. Of course, this may come as little surprise as the last update on the proposed movie came at Comic Con 2010, where Blizzard Entertainment, the game's publisher, offered weak hope saying the film was still in the "treatment stage."
warcraft Kristy Puchko 2012-07-18
Comic Con: World Of Warcraft Movie Isn't Dead But It's Nowhere Close To Happening
Blizzard Entertainment boss Chris Metzen offered an update on the project today at Comic Con and he says the film is still in the “treatment stage”
warcraft Pete Haas 2010-07-22
Sam Raimi NOT Officially Attached To Oz The Great And Powerful
Since being dissed by Sony back in January when he was let go from the Spider-Man franchise, Sam Raimi has been a busy man. In addition to World of Warcraft, which is
warcraft Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-25
Sam Raimi May Take A Break Before Directing Warcraft
If I were to honestly guess, I'd say even Sam Raimi doesn't know exactly what he's going to do next. He obviously had other plans in line when Spider-Man 4 fell apart last week, but let's give the guy a break
warcraft Katey Rich 2010-01-18
Sam Raimi Substituting Warcraft For Spider-Man?
Now that Sam Raimi’s off Spider-Man, he has plenty of free time. He may use that free time to get serious about Warcraft. No, he’s not playing it, except maybe as research. Last summer it was
warcraft Josh Tyler 2010-01-12
Saving Private Raimi, World Of Warcraft Movie Gets A Writer
Call Pepsi and have them start mass producing unprecedented amounts of Mountain Dew Code Red because Sam Raimi's Warcraft is only a few steps away from hitting level 80 and heading into the hardest end game heroic dungeon of all....DEVELOPMENT! Scary right? Well, Raimi has just acquired a new set of epic level gloves (AKA a writer) for his upcoming video game adaptation in the form of Robert Rodat.
warcraft Will LeBlanc 2009-10-12
Warcraft: The Movie Directed By Sam Raimi
Warner Bros. long talked about movie adaptation of the popular Blizzard game franchise Warcraft just got serious. They’ve hired Sam Raimi to direct it. Wait a minute, you ask, isn’t he directing Spider-Man 4? Yep, but Raimi thinks he can do two things at once
warcraft Josh Tyler 2009-07-21
World Of Warcraft Movie Not Dead
I still think it’s insane to try and make a movie out of a game with no actual plot structure, but the rumors of World of Warcraft’s impending transition to the world of feature film refuse to die. This time, they’re being spread by Mike Morhaime, president of World of Warcraft game maker Blizzard
warcraft Josh Tyler 2008-10-15
World Of Warcraft Still At Work
There’s no debating that online role-playing games are addictive and have a huge audience. But will those factors build an audience for the upcoming World of Warcraft movie adaptation? To me, it depends upon how much Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the games, is involved.
warcraft Rafe Telsch 2007-08-07
Spielberg Rumored For Warcraft
Sometimes a rumor hits the internet that’s beyond belief. For instance just about anything involving George Lucas is usually a lie. And whenever you hear a big name director has been attached to a genre project that’s way beneath his notice, that’s usually bollux too. That’s probably the case with this rumor, but we’ll report it anyway. Steven Spielberg may be directing the upcoming World of Warcraft movie adaptation
warcraft Josh Tyler 2006-06-19
Warcraft Goes Hollywood
World of Warcraft is coming soon to a theater near you. Will massively multiplayer online role playing game addicts tear themselves away from their computers long enough to see it? Most of them don’t know the outside world exists. Leaving their house to visit a movie theater might be kind of a shock. They might even spend time with their kids!
warcraft Josh Tyler 2006-05-09
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