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How Much Of The Justice League Will Be In Batman V Superman, According To Zack Snyder
We were already aware that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would put the eponymous heroes and Wonder Woman in the spotlight, but how much will we see the other appearing Justice Leaguers? Read on to find out.
Zack Snyder Adam Holmes 2016-02-05
Why DC's Multiverse Works, According To Zack Snyder
To multiverse, or not to multiverse? That is the question DC Comics has asked itself, and Zack Snyder has clearly come down on the side of the former. Find out why, as you read on.
Zack Snyder Mike Reyes 2016-02-05
5 Reasons Man Of Steel Is Better Than You Think
often gets criticized, and while it may not be perfect there are a number of reasons that it's wrong to label it a bad film.
Zack Snyder Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-02-03
What Christopher Nolan Told Zack Snyder Before He Made Batman V Superman
Zack Snyder admitted that he sought the approval of Christopher Nolan before he began work on Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and his fellow director gave him some sage advice.
Zack Snyder Gregory Wakeman 2016-01-27
Zack Snyder Wants Batman And Superman Fans To Pick A Side
With a mere two months to wait until we can see two of the DC universe’s most powerful superheroes go to fisticuffs, we’ve been exposed to more information of the anticipated superhero flick. Now it appears that director Zack Snyder wants the fandom to amp up their excitement and choose which hero they’d like to see come out on top.
Zack Snyder Corey Chichizola 2016-01-24
Why Zack Snyder Still Defends Man Of Steel's Epic Destruction
After all of this time, Zack Snyder is still being asked to answer for the decisions made in the last act of Man Of Steel. Read on to see why Snyder still feels he's in the right, and why it's a compelling argument.
Zack Snyder Mike Reyes 2016-01-22
How Batman's Batmobile Will Be Different In Dawn Of Justice, According To Zack Snyder
The latest version of the Batmobile is coming in March for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now director Zack Snyder has revealed what makes it different from the last one seen on the big screen.
Zack Snyder Adam Holmes 2016-01-15
Watch Superman Threaten Batman's Life In Extended Dawn Of Justice Scene
After seeing the last trailer forBatman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice we were pretty well convinced we’d seen everything that we needed to about the film. That was until we saw this.
Zack Snyder Dirk Libbey 2016-01-14
Why Batman V Superman Chose To Use Doomsday So Soon
Zack Snyder has explained why the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer showed the world that Doomsday was in the blockbuster.
Zack Snyder Gregory Wakeman 2016-01-12
New Batman V Superman TV Spot Shows A Terrifying Batman
A new TV Spot for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was released this afternoon, and it’s pretty gnarly. This new TV spot shows the darker side to Batman; check it out and try to not to get goosebumps.
Zack Snyder Corey Chichizola 2016-01-09
Why Zack Snyder Cast Ben Affleck As Batman
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year; however, fans were discouraged and worried when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman/ Bruce Wayne. Director Zack Snyder recently opened up about his decision to cast Battfleck.
Zack Snyder Corey Chichizola 2016-01-09
Jesse Eisenberg Could Have Played A Very Different Batman V Superman Character
We’ve known for some time that Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but director Zack Snyder originally had a different role in mind for the actor.
Zack Snyder Adam Holmes 2016-01-09
Who The Batman V Superman Trailer Short-Changed, According To Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder insists that Batman V Superman's trailer really didn't show just how great Jesse Eisenberg is as Lex Luthor.
Zack Snyder Gregory Wakeman 2016-01-07
What Zack Snyder Says About That Spoiler-Filled Reddit Batman V Superman Review
Last week some news came out from somebody online who had claimed to have seen a finished version ofBatman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Zack Snyder has spoken out about the spoiler-filled post, although his response doesn’t really clear anything up.
Zack Snyder Dirk Libbey 2016-01-07
Will Batman V Superman Launch A Trilogy? Zack Snyder Just Said This
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting the rolling further on expanding the DC Extended Universe, including foreshadowing the formation of the Justice League. Here’s what director Zack Snyder had to say about that.
Zack Snyder Adam Holmes 2016-01-05
What Batman V Superman Is Really About, According To Zack Snyder
When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally hits theaters in March, we’re going to really start to understand what kind of world that DC is trying to create for their comics in the movies.
Zack Snyder Dirk Libbey 2016-01-05
How Robin Fits Into Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
One of the biggest questions about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is what role, if any, the Dark Knight's sidekick, Robin, plays. Well, a new report may shed some light on that.
Zack Snyder Brent McKnight 2015-12-25
How Zack Snyder Probably Will Connect Batman V Superman To Justice League
Just like the title suggests, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will lay the foundation for the Justice League, and director Zack Snyder is reportedly taking inspiration from one of his past movies to do this.
Zack Snyder Adam Holmes 2015-12-24
Batman v Superman Run Time Has Been Revealed
Wondering how long it'll take for the DC Trinity to meet up, kick ass, and set up the post Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice universe? Wonder no longer, as we have the first indication of just that.
Zack Snyder Mike Reyes 2015-12-21
How Zack Snyder Is Teasing Fans With The Star Wars - DC Mash Up They've Dreamed About
While Lucasfilm may be owned by the same media company that owns Marvel Comics, that doesn’t mean that the competition over at DC isn’t equally in love with the galaxy far, far, away.
Zack Snyder Dirk Libbey 2015-12-15
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