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Oscar Eye: Will Clint Eastwood Shake Up The Best Picture Race?
In the next week Conviction will be opening, along with Hereafter, in limited release, both of them still fairly long shots for Best Picture. And, well, the most notable releases of the weekend are Jackass and RED
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-10-13
Oscar Eye: Predicting Another Year's Best Picture Chances, And More Social Network Buzz
In last week's column I pegged The Social Network as the new frontrunner in the Oscar race, and everything that's happened since has only further
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-10-05
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Social Network As The Best Picture Frontrunner
With so much publicity around The Social Network and such a delicious real-life hook, I expect it to dominate conversations for weeks to come
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-09-27
Oscar Eye: Making Predictions Now That Festival Season Is Over
Here we are in mid-September, and it's Oscar season already. I'm freshly back from Toronto having seen a lot of movies and missed a whole lot more than will be in the race, but I'm still excited
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-09-20
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners, Day Four
And to prepare you for your party's Oscar pool, here they are, my final batch of Oscar predictions. The top six categories are among the easiest to predict this year, though two of the races are likely closer than they appear
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-03-05
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners, Day Three
Welcome back for day three of predicting the Oscar winners with Oscar Eye, in which I hopefully make good enough picks so that I don't embarrass myself in my own Oscar pool this weekend. I'll be up against some tough competition
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-03-04
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners, Day Two
Today we're dealing with some of the flashy categories that are still impossible to predict, plus the one where Randy Newman routinely shows up and loses. Let's do this!
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-03-03
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners, Day One
I've been following the race, despite my lack of writing about it, which puts me in a fairly decent position to predict the winners from here. Hopefully your office Oscar pool hasn't closed yet and it's not too late to take some of my predictions
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-03-02
Oscar Eye: How'd We Do On Our Predictions?
Despite the usual things to grumble and gripe about, I like these nominations a whole lot. Now let's move on to talking about the winners. We're still a long way from March 7
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-02-02
Oscar Eye: Final Nominee Predictions
We're so close to the nominations announcement that it's almost not worth throwing out some last-minute predictions, but hey, I'm a completist even after spending 10 days completely out of the loop
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-02-01
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Nominees Post-Golden Globes
Despite the fact we complain every year how the Globes are a meaningless bunch of awards that are basically an excuse to have a party, they have an impact on the Oscar race all the same. Not in the way you might think, though
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-01-18
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners In A Four-Way Race
It seems impossible that any film other than those represented by the DGA's picks will win Best Picture. And while Kathryn Bigelow seems to have the Best Director statue fairly locked down, it seems to be a genuine four-way race for Best Picture
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-01-11
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Nominees Now That Avatar Is A Giant Hit
Cold, hard January has begun, with every new release promising to be mediocre or worse, all the Oscar hopefuls out in theaters and under critical scrutiny, and Oscar nominations but a month away. Add the ever-mysterious 10 Best Picture nominees
oscar eye Katey Rich 2010-01-04
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners After The Critics And Globes Had Their Say
It's been a very big couple of days in the Oscar prognosticating biz, and let's start with the big one: the Golden Globe nominations. As always, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association made some whackadoo choices
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-12-15
Critic's Groups And AFI Flip For Hurt Locker, Avatar
If there's a clear winner it's The Hurt Locker, which took the top prize from the Los Angeles and Boston groups
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-12-13
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners While We Wait On Avatar
As far as momentum goes, there's been a perceptible shift toward Up in the Air in the last week or so, starting with the National Board of Review naming it their Best Picture
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-12-10
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Nominees Now That We've Seen Them
In order to catch up with everything else that's happened lately, including the Gotham Independent Awards and the nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards and the Golden Satellite Awards, let's run things down film by film
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-12-02
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Screenplay Winners, And Considering Nine
I've got screenplays on the brain this week. It's partly thanks to the point of the Oscar race we're in-- there's still nothing to talk about but Precious, even though critics are starting to see Nine and The Lovely Bones
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-11-17
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners Following Precious's Giant Success
It's not often that much of anyone looks at the top of box office charts for the Oscar predictions, but here's a little-known fact for those of you who think of Oscar candidates as tiny movies that nobody sees: Best Picture winners are usually hits
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-11-09
Oscar Eye: Predicting Precious And The Other Winners
Precious will be playing virtually everywhere before you know it. Not only does it have Oprah and Tyler Perry out promoting it, but it's this year's Slumdog Millionaire if there is one
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-11-02
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Winners, Plus Inglourious Basterds Talk
I'm actually moving Basterds up a notch on the list, having thought about it a little here, and sending Amelia to the back. Other small changes have been made in various categories
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-10-26
Oscar Eye: Predicting The Main Category Winners
Welcome back to another season full of Oscar silliness, obsession and speculation with me, the only person at Cinema Blend who firmly believes that the Oscars, in their own way, are actually important. We're still nearly five months away from the Academy Awards ceremony on March 7
oscar eye Katey Rich 2009-10-19
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