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Matt Damon's Best Movie: The Departed
As great as Damonís stint as a hero had been, any actor will tell you that itís always more fun to play the villain, which makes Martin Scorseseís The Departed Matt Damonís best film to date
Matt Damon Best Movie Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-03
Matt Damon's Best Movie: The Talented Mr. Ripley
In 1999, Matt Damon was undeniably a superstar, Oscar firmly in hand and, with his pin-up looks, Hollywood at his feet. He could have tried to jump immediately into being the Jason Bourne action hero he'd become, but instead went for two different, utterly unconventional roles
Matt Damon Best Movie Katey Rich 2011-03-02
Matt Damon's Best Movie: Saving Private Ryan
I doubt anyone would try to argue that Matt Damon is the star of Saving Private Ryan. It could even be argued that James Ryan as a character is fairly average by comparison to Will Hunting, Tom Ripley or some of Damonís other roles. When you consider that Ryan is known in name only for most of the film...
Matt Damon Best Movie Kelly West 2011-03-01
Matt Damon's Best Movie: Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting is a special movie, filled with incredible performances.† At one point or another, the film allows all three men to lash out, giving voice to their baggage and airing their dirty laundry, often in cruel and condescending ways.† Damonís role is arguably the least showy of the three
Matt Damon Best Movie Mack Rawden 2011-02-28
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