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Kingsman 2 Could Bring This Pivotal Character Back
Colin Firth has successfully become the next great aging action star in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Though we’re still waiting to see if 20th Century Fox will give the official green light for a sequel, director Matthew Vaughn already has some plans for it just in case.
colin firth Nick Romano 2015-02-17
WTF? Colin Firth Almost Got Pulled From The Kingsman Church Scene, Here's Why
Reading the reactions to the church scene has been interesting this weekend. Many audience members who came back to CinemaBlend for post-screen chatter praised the action choreography of the church fight. Some, however, did admit to being turned off to the violence in the sequence.
colin firth Sean O'Connell 2015-02-16
What Kingsman's Director Initially Hated About Samuel L. Jackson's Performance
Imagine this scenario. You hire Samuel L. Jackson to play the lead villain in your new spy thriller. But then he brings his interpretation of the character to you… and it’s not what you expected at all.
colin firth Sean O'Connell 2015-02-10
The Kingsman Super Bowl Trailer Is Explosive And Intense
The upcoming teen spy thriller, Kingsman: The Secret Service will be dropping an ass-kicking-intense trailer for the Super Bowl, which makes its point with the adrenaline-soaked subtlety of a secret Zippo hand grenade. Explosions, machine guns, bodies dropping from inappropriately high altitudes, hot women, breaking glass, shoe shivs and Samuel L. Jackson…doing stuff!
colin firth Joseph Baxter 2015-01-30
Colin Firth Ready To Do Bridget Jones 3? Here’s What He Says
It’s been 11 since the second installment of Bridget Jones and since then we’ve been awaiting a third film. We’ve had teases of a screenplay, even before the new book was released, but there has not been definitive answers on whether or not the film will go into production. But, hope is not lost.
colin firth Catarina Cowden 2015-01-23
Wait, Paddington Bear Has Sex References?
The British Board of Film Classification has labeled the supposed family affair with a PG classification, stating it includes “dangerous behaviour, mild threat, innuendo, [and] infrequent mild bad language.” As if that wasn’t enough, the Daily Mail adds that the BBFC found “mild sex references” in the movie, leading to the Parental Guidance rating.
colin firth Sean O'Connell 2014-11-18
Hugh Grant Wants No Part Of Bridget Jones 3, Here's Why
Has too much time passed since the last Bridget Jones movie, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, opened in 2004? The movies based on Helen Fielding’s novels made money at the box office, though the $40 million domestic take of Edge of Reason was far less than the $71 million earned by the initial Bridget Jones movie in 2001.
colin firth Sean O'Connell 2014-10-13
Colin Firth Is A Total Badass In The New Kingsman: The Secret Service Trailer
While he's absent from this holiday's Paddington, Colin Firth looks like he's found a new hobby to fill the hours: Professional Ass Kicking.
colin firth Mike Reyes 2014-09-23
Paddington Bear Loses His Voice As Colin Firth Flees
Colin Firth has left Paddington and will no longer be lending his voice the bathroom-wrecking bear. Or as the celebrated English actor put it, “After a period of denial, we’ve chosen ‘conscious uncoupling,’”
colin firth Kristy Puchko 2014-06-17
Colin Firth Tries To Debunk Emma Stone In Woody Allen's Magic In The Moonlight Trailer
Colin Firth is everywhere this year, and it's a good thing! The man has worked hard to hit pretty much every demographic in the market, and he's doing a pretty comprehensive job. He's got Paddington for the kids, Kingsman: The Secret Service for the teens-adults, and numerous titles for adults and Academy voters alike. One such film that falls into that last category is Woody Allen's latest comedic effort, Magic In The Moonlight.
colin firth Mike Reyes 2014-05-21
Reese Witherspoon And Colin Firth Investigate Murder In Devil's Knot Trailer
With a screenplay by Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman, director Atom Egoyan looks to investigate the controversial trial brought rumor, prejudice and fear of satanic rituals into the courtroom. This was the beginning of a case that would be in appeal for years to come.
colin firth Kristy Puchko 2013-11-20
First Look At Emma Stone And Colin Firth In Woody Allen's Next Feature Magic In The Moonlight
Details on the plot are still a mystery, but we do know that the film was shot in the South of France, making Magic in the Moonlight Allen's eighth movie to be set in Europe. Magic in the Moonlight boasts an ensemble that includes English actress Eileen Atkins, Hamish Linklater, Simon McBurney, two-time Academy Award nominee Jacki Weaver, Erica Leerhsen, Catherine McCormack, Paul Ritter, and Jeremy Shamos.
colin firth Kristy Puchko 2013-10-15
Colin Firth In Talks To Join Emma Stone In Woody Allen's Next
Allen has set his sights on Colin Firth as his next leading man, and the actor and the production have entered negotiations to make that happen. What's more, the site has also learned that the title will be one to add to the filmmaker's ever-growing list of European set stories, and will be filmed in the South of France.
colin firth Eric Eisenberg 2013-04-29
Colin Firth Will Spy His Ass Off In Matthew Vaughn's The Secret Service
Firth, who is currently starring in the BitTorrent-sponsored dramedy Arthur Newman, is usually the quintessential Brit in the films he stars in – genially stoic and romantic without bullshit attached – so this will be a welcome step or two outside his wheelhouse.
colin firth Nick Venable 2013-04-29
How BitTorrent Is Actually Helping Colin Firth Promote His Latest Movie
In an unprecedented deal, BitTorrent will offer to its users the first seven minutes of Dante Ariola’s drama-comedy. Why on Earth would they do such a thing? Oh, maybe it’s because BitTorrent boasts 170 million users, and if Hollywood can figure out a way to turn them into paying customers, this will be a major step.
colin firth Sean O'Connell 2013-04-22
Colin Firth And Emily Blunt Steal The Lives Of Others In Arthur Newman Poster
Together these two damaged people running from their pasts try to forge a bold new future. And as you might suspect from the casting of its affable stars, romance begins to bloom as they vacation in the lives and vacant homes of others. But with a premise like this, it's a far from typical love story. ”It’s not the inevitable romance, it’s not the inevitable failure to have romance,” Firth explains. “I found it followed a very truthful path about an ordinary person.”
colin firth Kristy Puchko 2013-03-27
Colin Firth Could Turn Bad Opposite Nicole Kidman In Thriller Before I Go To Sleep
As Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth often wind up adding heft to whatever project they're working on, whether it's Kidman's upcoming lurid thriller Stoker or Firth's presence in A SIngle Man helping get that film made (OK, he wasn't an Oscar winner yet at the time, but he's always been a classy dude)
colin firth Katey Rich 2013-02-06
Colin Firth And Helen Mirren Could Join Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Sequel
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is secretly one of the year's biggest hits, a tiny British indie movie that grossed $46 million in the United States and an amazing $134 million worldwide. It's holding out some hope for Oscar attention, including a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Maggie Smith, but the real prize seems to be proving that a movie about a bunch of retirees
colin firth Katey Rich 2012-12-03
Michael Fassbender And Colin Firth To Play Thomas Wolfe And His Editor In Genius
FilmNation Entertainment has announced that they are currently developing a film titled Genius and have signed on Michael Fassbender and Colin Firth to play well-dressed new journalist Thomas Wolfe and his editor Max Perkins, respectively. John Logan, who very recently wrote amazing scripts for projects like Skyfall, Hugo and Rango, is writing the true-life drama...
colin firth Eric Eisenberg 2012-11-01
Colin Firth And Cameron Diaz Get Silly In Gambit Trailer
Colin Firth, who was famous for a long time as the stammering dreamboat of Bridget Jones's Diary or Love, Actually, has been on a serious streak lately, starting with an Oscar-nominated turn in the period drama A Serious Man, leading into the Oscar-winning role in The King's Speech,
colin firth Katey Rich 2012-09-20
Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz Goof Through First Gambit Footage
It’s not the full trailer. Expect that to come along shortly. But this clip does give you the first look at Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz in action in the story of a disgruntled corporate employee trying to swindle his conniving boss.
colin firth Sean O'Connell 2012-09-19
Production Begins On West Memphis Three Crime Thriller Devil's Knot
With a solid cast and an unsettling but true-life back-story, Atom Egoyan's Devil's Knot already has a lot going for it. Set to star Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth, the crime thriller is based on a 2002 bestselling book by investigative journalist Mara Leveritt, which tells the story of the investigation and trial of three Arkansas teens charged with the murder of three small boys.
colin firth Kelly West 2012-07-16
Barbra Streisand To Return To Directing With A Colin Firth And Cate Blanchett Romance
According to Showbiz 411, Streisand is planning to direct a film based on the true love story between Erskine Caldwell, the author of Southern-set novels like Tobacco Road, and photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White, who was one of the first-ever female war photographers
colin firth Katey Rich 2012-06-22
Rupert Everett To Direct And Star In Oscar Wilde Biopic
Everett is looking to bring Wilde's life and struggle to the big screen, writing and directing a biopic in which he'll star called The Happy Prince. The film will begin with the tragic final chapter of the author's life, following the harsh prison sentence of two years of hard labor that inflicted injuries that ultimately led to his decline and death. In this sad state, Everett's Wilde will reflect on his life, with a melancholic but sharp humor.
colin firth Kristy Puchko 2012-05-22
Colin Firth Playing Noel Coward In Upcoming Las Vegas Drama
The film will focus primarily on Coward’s late-career stint at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, circa 1955. At the time, Coward was invited to Sin City to stand in for local legend Liberace, how had fallen and had to cancel a string of dates.
colin firth Sean O'Connell 2012-05-19
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