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The X-Files 3 Could Still Happen, Get The Details
Series creator Chris Carter has insisted that the upcoming X-Files episodes are only the beginning, revealing that he has already written a third movie that he hopes will one day see the light of day.
david duchovny Gregory Wakeman 2016-01-15
10 Last-Minute Casting Changes That Altered Major Movies
Casting chops and changes are made on a regular basis. But which films were drastically altered because of the departure of their A-list leading man? Have a gander inside to see.
david duchovny Gregory Wakeman 2015-09-01
David Duchovny Wants To Make Another X-Files Movie
While the first X-Files movie - release during the height of the series' popularity in 1998 - was a box office hit, the same can't be said its a sequel. Released in 2008, a full decade after the first one, The X-Files: I Want To Believe cost only $35 million to make, but wound up only making $20.9 here and $47 million abroad.
david duchovny Eric Eisenberg 2014-06-26
David Duchovny Is Counting On You To Bring Back The X-Files
Talking with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Duchovny was ostensibly there to promote the sixth season of Californication. When talk turned to The X-Files, the actor was quick to confess he's hoping for a third movie from this currently dormant franchise.
david duchovny Kristy Puchko 2013-03-01
David Duchovny And Ed Harris Go Deep Talking Submarine Thriller Phantom
Not to be confused with the terrible Billy Zane comic adaptation, Todd Robinson’s Phantom might make submarines relevant again, and possibly also make Ed Harris relevant again
david duchovny Nick Venable 2013-02-07
David Duchovny Replaces Andy Garcia In Todd Robinson's Phantom
Set to go into production next month in Long Beach, California, the movie also stars Ed Harris, William Fichtner and Natascha McElhone. The movie is a period piece set during the Cold War. Duchovny will play the Captain of a Soviet submarine that is on a mission "cloaked in mystery." Robinson's previous credits include the 2006 thriller Lonely Hearts with John Travolta and James Gandolfini.
david duchovny Eric Eisenberg 2011-09-28
Gillian Anderson Says There's Talk Of A Third X-Files Movie
From what Anderson told reporters, there’s “talk” of a third X-Files movie, and there’s “something going on” regarding a script (though she couldn’t say who was tackling scripting duties). In addition, Anderson expressed interest in mounting an X-Files spoof at some point, possibly after the third feature shoots.
david duchovny Sean O'Connell 2011-09-06
David Duchovny & Vera Farmiga Leading All-Star Goats Cast
The film is based on Mark Jude Poirier's novel of the same name, about 15-year-old Ellis's (Phillips) decision to move away from his mother (Farmiga) and his mentor known as Goat Man (Duchovny)
david duchovny Katey Rich 2011-01-10
David Duchovny Says X-Files 3 Being Written
David Duchovny reveals a third installment is being written, and they’re all pretty much just waiting on a go-ahead from Fox. If it ever does happen, Duchovny says the franchise will shoot a little closer to its roots
david duchovny Mack Rawden 2010-11-07
The Joneses Trailer: David Duchovny And Demi Moore Have It And You Need It
The Joneses is one of those movies, like The Truman Show, that makes me wonder just how far from reality the premise really, actually strays. Why wouldn’t companies get out there and place people among the country’s elite in order to move more product?
david duchovny Doug Norrie 2010-03-01
It's Expensive To Keep Up With The Joneses Poster
They get to live in a beautiful gated community, have a magnificent home and enjoy all of life’s luxuries under one condition: they get their wealthy neighbors to want what they have. The Joneses are actually not a real family at all
david duchovny Perri Nemiroff 2010-02-26
Roadside Attractions Wants You To Keep Up With The Joneses
The social satire The Joneses was dubbed one of the more commercial films in the Toronto Film Festival and now Roadside is taking advantage of that appeal by acquiring the domestic distribution rights.
david duchovny Perri Nemiroff 2009-11-04
David Duchovny Talks X-Files 3
X-Files 3 is sort of like the long rumored Arrested Development movie. That is if Arrested Development was a horrible franchise nobody’s cared about since 1998. But in much the same way that every now and then
david duchovny Josh Tyler 2009-10-20
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