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Wait, Is White Chicks 2 A Thing That Could Happen?
The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! White Chicks 2 is back in the public eye, and this time it might just become a reality. Sleep well, everyone.
jonny depp Mike Reyes 2015-06-30
Daniel Radcliffe And Paul Dano Making A Morbid Comedy About A Dead Body
Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe are teaming up for a comedy that you'll immediately be intrigued by.
jonny depp Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-30
Tom Hiddleston's Hank Williams Biopic Hopes To Contend For Oscars
Tom Hiddleston's performance as Hank Williams has been largely unseen by the public. Yet its so good, Sony's decided to schedule it for a prime Oscar season slot. Read on to find out why Sony could be right in their enthusiasm.
jonny depp Mike Reyes 2015-06-30
Magic Mike XXL Gets A X-Rated Period Trailer
Magic Mike XXL is now only days away from hitting cinemas. To celebrate the film’s impending release, the erotic adventure of Channing Tatum’s titular dreamer has been re-imagined as a 70s X-Rated flick, and it really is everything for which you could have hoped.
jonny depp Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-30
The Snowden Trailer Gives Us Our First Look At The Complicated Whistleblower's Story
Oliver Stone has never been known to shy away from politics in his film, and later this year he will continue this tradition by making a movie about one of the most polarizing people in the world: Edward Snowden. The film won't be out until the end of the year, but the first trailer has found its way online
jonny depp Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-30
Pee-wee Herman Will Have A New And Very Famous Best Friend In His New Movie
You're never going to guess who's tagging along with Pee-wee Herman in his new Netflix movie! Which is why we're going to tell you who, after the jump.
jonny depp Mike Reyes 2015-06-30
Kenneth Branagh Is Definitely Not Coming Back For Thor 3
Those of you who were dreaming that Kenneth Branagh might be making a triumphant return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Thor: Ragnarok are set to be severely disappointed. That's because Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has dismissed the recent speculation linking the English director with the upcoming blockbuster.
jonny depp Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-30
Creed Trailer: The Rocky Spin-Off Looks Dramatic And Cool
It's been nearly a decade since we last saw Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa on the big screen - but that long-running franchise is about to be rejuvenated in a big way. The new "spin-off" movie Creed will be hitting theaters toward the end of the year, and today we have our first look at some footage:
jonny depp Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-30
Magic Mike Gets Ripped To Pieces In Latest Honest Trailer
Is Magic Mike just a dumb Boogie Nights? Or a smart Showgirls? This new Honest Trailer should help you figure that out.
jonny depp Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-30
This Is What Steven Spielberg's Letter To Dwayne Johnson Said
Dwayne Johnson recently gushed publicly about receiving a letter from director Steven Spielberg, and now we know what the message sage.
jonny depp Brent McKnight 2015-06-30
Why Terminator Genisys Doesn't Have A Digitally De-Aged Bill Paxton
As seen in the previously released trailers for Terminator: Genisys, there is a sequence early in the movie that is essentially a recreation of one of the most iconic moments in the franchise. As accurate as the movie works to be, however, there is one notable difference between the original and the “remake”: the presence of Bill Paxton.
jonny depp Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-30
The Marvel Team James Gunn Would Love To See Get Their Own Film
Writer/director James Gunn is a guy you can trust when it comes to movies about a team of superheroes, which is why it's exciting that he's both backing and suggesting the idea that Marvel Studios get to work on a movie based on the comic series The Runaways.
jonny depp Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-30
X-Men: Rogue Cut Will Also Give Us More Of Several Mutants
X-Men: Days of Future Past-The Rogue Cut won’t just have more of Anna Paquin’s character to offer. The extended cut also gives us an extra helping of the film’s other mutants.
jonny depp Adam Holmes 2015-06-30
Why Amy Schumer Owes Her Movie Career To Howard Stern
Amy Schumer's popularity has been growing steadily in recent years, and in a rather heartfelt display of gratitude, the comedian directly attributed this success to exposure provided by Howard Stern.
jonny depp Joseph Baxter 2015-06-30
How Many Air Humps You're Going To See in Magic Mike XXL
Entertainment news is a tough business. You have to be willing to ask the tough questions, like how many air humps can you expect to see in Magic Mike XXL?
jonny depp Dirk Libbey 2015-06-30
Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart's Get Hard Should Have Been A Rom-Com
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart's Get Hard was maligned by critics, but to celebrate its Blu-ray/DVD release, the studio has released a new trailer that envisions the crass buddy comedy as sweet rom com.
jonny depp Joseph Baxter 2015-06-30
Whether Major Marvel TV And Movie Characters Will Start Crossing Over, According To Kevin Feige
We have yet to see any of Marvel’s television characters (i.e. introduced on TV) team up with the Avengers and the other major cinematic heroes, but that may change in the near future.
jonny depp Adam Holmes 2015-06-30
Why Back To The Future Will Never Be Remade
There is little doubt that Back to the Future has been sized up for the reboot treatment. However, when it comes to a potential remake, director, Robert Zemeckis is essentially telling Hollywood, “Get your damn hands off her!”
jonny depp Joseph Baxter 2015-06-30
Watch Wolverine, Star-Lord And Others Give The Finger In Rude, Hilarious Video
Flipping the bird has a long, illustrious history in movies, and this new supercut collects some of the most memorable, inappropriate, and hilarious instances.
jonny depp Brent McKnight 2015-06-30
When We May See Ant-Man 2, According To Kevin Feige
Marvel has way too many sub-franchises in their cinematic universe. They already had to make room in their overly populated slate for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and a brand-new Spider-Man movie, but what about Ant-Man 2?
jonny depp Nick Romano 2015-06-30
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