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The Best Movies On Netflix Streaming Right Now
We have scoured the land to find the greatest films currently streaming on Netflix. You can watch any of these movies right now.
netflix Sean, Eric, Gabe, Mack and Mike 2014-07-18
Netflix No Longer Mails DVDs On Saturday
Those who are still using Netflix's DVD service may find that your shipments have been processing a bit slower. That might be the case if you're in the habit of mailing back your DVD too close to the weekend, as Netflix is no longer processing shipments on Saturday.
netflix Kelly West 2014-07-15
Netflix Is Purging Dr. Strangelove, Chinatown And Many More Multi-Genre Classics In July
For all the goodness that we’ve gotten on there recently, from Big Bad Wolves to My Girl, a big chunk of classic (and non-classic) features are getting expunged during July 2014. (Like the Rocky movies.) So get on these quick, or forever hold your Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Redbox Instant subscriptions.
netflix Nick Venable 2014-06-30
Rocky Movies To Be Cut From Netflix Streaming Starting Tomorrow
If you're getting prepared for Independence Day weekend, why not throw a selection of films to watch into the schedule? A little bit of The Patriot could start things off, followed by some Captain America: The First Avenger, and then – of course – that perennial favorite Rocky IV.
netflix Mike Reyes 2014-06-30
6 Huge Marvel Hints Kevin Feige Dropped About Phase 3
While hyping up Guardians Of The Galaxy this week, Kevin Feige started to speak about the Marvel Universe's progression into Phase 3. Out of those remarks came six big pieces of information that could make even the most reluctant Marvel fan optimistic about the future of the cinematic universe for not only Marvel Studios, but also Sony and Fox.
netflix Mike Reyes 2014-06-22
Netflix Will Purge A Slew Of Cinematic Classics On Jan. 1
New year, a new slate of films on Netflix… meaning you need to program a few movie marathons if you want to screen these films before they disappear.
netflix Sean O'Connell 2013-12-30
Beyond Blockbuster: 6 Key Stages Of Home Video Evolution
Soon, Blockbuster will be no more. The truth is, for many of us, the store has been history for a while, but news that the chain of video stores is closing its last remaining doors is reason enough to wax nostalgic over the place it had in many of our video-watching lives. When factoring in my own personal history with home video, Blockbuster was really just a blip on a timeline full of more memorable ways to get my movie fix.
netflix Kelly West 2013-11-07
Netflix Wants To Change Movies The Way They Changed TV-- But Theater Owners Won't Let Them
Movie theaters have been fighting off the competition nearly as long as they've existed, taking stands against live theater, television, VHS tapes, cable channels and now the Internet. But they may have found their toughest foe yet in Netflix, the service that was once just a convenient way to get their DVDs to more viewers, and has now become a major force in television-- and soon, if they have their way, original movies too
netflix Katey Rich 2013-11-06
Why There's No Digital Box Office, And Why That's A Problem
Even as more and more people get their movies and TV show from digital platforms, whether VOD rental on their cable providers or Netflix streaming, the actual numbers of who's watching what are maddeningly vague. As The New York Times reports, the amount of information about what's getting watched on streaming and rental services is incredibly smal
netflix Katey Rich 2013-09-23
Petition Demands Netflix Informs Fans When It Makes Aspect Ratio Changes
The official-sounding Yankee Rose is demanding that Netflix disclose any edits it’s making to the film its customers are watching. In a nutshell, Yankee Rose wants viewers to be made aware when changes are occurring. Seems fair.
netflix Sean O'Connell 2013-07-24
Netflix Is Showing You The Wrong Version Of Some Movies
If it looks familiar, it's basically because it's a return to the bad old days of Pan-and-Scan, when VHS releases of films would be cropped or zoomed-in to make the picture fit the square ratio of a standard television set (that's the "this film has been formatted to fit this screen" warning you used to get). These days most TVs are widescreen and avoid the issue, but when films are shot in Cinemascope
netflix Katey Rich 2013-07-18
Netflix Won't Be Making Original Movies Anytime Soon
Much of the positive buzz Netflix has generated lately has to do with their original programming, which falls more into the TV side of the entertainment business. House of Cards was positively received, while the reviews were a bit more mixed for Hemlock Grove. And this Sunday, Arrested Development will return for its long-awaited/hoped-for fourth season, thanks to Netflix's delve into original programming and their willingness to back the series' revival.
netflix Kelly West 2013-05-23
Netflix Offers New Family Plan So You Pay Extra To Share Your Password
Currently, the $7.99 subscription allows two same-time streams, but what with all the rampant password-sharing, the company has probably noticed a few of those simultaneous viewings were happening across a city or state, rather than in the same house.
netflix Nick Venable 2013-04-23
Netflix Fights Crime! How A Raleigh Thief Got Caught Red-Handed
How does that work? Well, one of the victims of these thefts had his Netflix account information stored on his television, so when it was stolen, the cops were able to trace its location when the TV's new owner logged in to stream some movies. This person in possession of this stolen property, told police he had bought the hot TV from one Tchannen Hall.
netflix Kristy Puchko 2013-04-09
Netflix Signs Deal With The Walt Disney Company To Stream Movies Before They Go To Pay TV
Netflix has previously made deals with Dreamworks Animation and The Weinstein Company, but today they have secured what may be their biggest contract yet. Today the internet company has announced that they have made an agreement with The Walt Disney Company that will allow Netflix to stream new releases from all of the company's studios before they go to pay TV channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz.
netflix Eric Eisenberg 2012-12-04
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