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Scooby-Doo Is Getting The Reboot Treatment
Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? Apparently soon heading back to theaters. Word has come down that the folks over at Warner Bros. are keen on running the nostalgia machine once again and are now making plans to bring the Mystery Machine-driving gang back to the big screen.
scooby-doo Eric Eisenberg 2014-06-17
Zoinks! The Scooby-Doo Gang Is Coming Back To The Big Screen In New Animated Feature
Though the studio is keeping the film’s plot a secret, we know that they’ve hired Matt Lieberman for script duties. A quick trip to IMDb isn’t going to get you very excited, as the only produced credit that Lieberman is 2008’s direct-to-video sequel Dr. Doolittle: Tail to the Chief.
scooby-doo Nick Venable 2013-08-27
WWE Superstars And Divas Get Animated For Scooby-Doo Movie
Scooby-Doo has seen numerous reincarnations in its decades of existence, and the next movie, which is going straight to video (DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and digital download) will apparently see the Hanna-Barbera characters colliding with the professional wrestling world. And in turn, a number of professional wrestlers will go animated for the film. Want to see The Miz in cartoon form? It's on the way!
scooby-doo Kelly West 2012-08-17
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