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Transformers 3 Has Already Made $13.5 Million, Including $8 Million At Midnight
I'm also curious if the lower expectations for this film are somehow related to the miserable reviews for the second movie, which still turned out to be one of the highest grossing films of 2009. Deadline writes that Paramount "is expecting this latest installment in the franchise to open less than the last one in the U.S. but play to better multiples,"
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2011-06-29
Josh Duhamel Rallies The Troops In New Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Clip
If you were disappointed that the first clip from Transformers: Dark of the Moon to go online featured absolutely no robots or fighting, you might like the latest one a little bit better
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2011-05-19
More Than 30 High-Res Screencaps From The First Transformers 3 Trailer
The first trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon debuted just a few moments ago and, though it didn’t reveal much else, at least now we know what the movie’s title means. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-12-08
Optimus Prime Glows In What's Probably A Real Transformers 3 Poster
It doesn't have the Dark of the Moon title, possibly because it was designed earlier this year before the title was in place, but TF3 still gets the point across pretty well
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-12-07
Transformers 3 Trailer Coming With Narnia, Michael Bay Denies 3D Post-Conversion
Like just about every big, blockbuster movie being released in the next year Transformers 3 will show up in 3D. What’s not entirely clear is what kind of 3D we’re getting. Previous statements issued by people
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-11-27
New 'Splosiony Transformers 3 Set Photos
The big question in Hollywood right now is whether or not Michael Bay’s third foray into the world of Transformers will actually be a good movie, rather than two hours+ of explosions and racism. Shia Labeouf seems to
transformers 3 Will LeBlanc 2010-10-14
New Transformers 3 Set Photos Look Like Wall Street 2 Set Photos
What we have are Transformers 3 set photos which, weirdly, look a lot like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps photos. Remember when Shia LaBeouf was a sorta nerdy high school kid
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-10-12
Transformers 3 To Be Called Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon
If you thought titles didn't get much worse than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, brace yourself, because it looks like the third movie is going to be called something even more ludicrous
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-10-06
Extra Injured On Transformers 3 Set Is Suing The Studio
In early September, a horrific accident struck the set of Michael Bay's Transformers 3 in which an extra named Gabriela Cedillo had her skull sliced open on set in Hammond, Indiana. In the initial report
transformers 3 Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-05
Extra Critically Injured During Car Stunt On Transformers 3 Set
Reports are coming in from all over that an extra, not a stuntperson, had her skull sliced open by a loose cable during a stunt filming in Hammond, Indiana
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-09-03
Alan Tudyk Inadvertently Proves Transformers 3 Isn't Improving On Transformers 2
Now we can officially dismiss everything else Bay had to say about the way he’s improving on Transformers 2 because new cast
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-08-04
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Not Replacing Megan Fox In Transformers 3
Everyone keeps referring to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Megan Fox’s replacement, but of course, she’s not. Rosie’s not playing Megan Fox’s Mikaela Banes character, rather Mikaela
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-07-21
Chicago Gets Messed Up In 40 New Transformers 3 Set Photos
The set photos from Transformers 3 that were released the other day must have just been an appetizer. Today, The Chive (as opposed to The Onion?) is serving us the main course of 40 new set photos.
transformers 3 Will LeBlanc 2010-07-21
A Couple More Set Photos From Transformers 3
Two images have surfaced; one of them a familiar shot of Shia LaBeouf and his arm candy sidekick running away from impending doom, and the other a really impressive shot of the destruction caused by Optimus Prime et al.
transformers 3 Will LeBlanc 2010-07-19
Spoilerific Transformers 3 Opening Scene Revealed?
The story has been completely watered down to accommodate as much CGI violence as Bay could cram onto the screen, and while that’s entertaining and mind-numbing
transformers 3 Will LeBlanc 2010-07-15
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