11 Great Actors Who Haven't Made A Good Movie In A Long Time
We've compiled a list of 11 great actors who have pumped out some seriously bad movies over the last few years.
The New Storm Reached Out To Halle Berry For Advice, It Did Not Go Well
We’re getting younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Storm – X-Men who were part of Singer’s first few X-Men movies, and are getting a unique opportunity to reset because of the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. That doesn’t mean that the past wants to help the present, however. Sometimes, the past just wants to move on.
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Halle Berry May Join Kingsman 2, Here's Who She'll Play
Kingsman: The Secret Service may have killed off one of its major characters, the don't worry, the sequel is already stocking the shelves with big name talent, including Halle Berry.
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Halle Berry Would Love The X-Men Franchise To Give Storm A Spinoff Movie
Despite her reduced role in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Berry is still fond of Storm, and is keen on the character getting her own spinoff film.
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10 Famous Actors Who Never Should Have Been In Superhero Movies
While all the actors on this list have enjoyed success with their film careers, their respective superhero movies are not indicative of their talents. These are the movie stars who should have stayed away from superhero films.
X-Men: Apocalypse Will Include All Of These Favorite Heroes
X-Men: Apocalypse isn’t holding back on including a variety of familiar mutant faces. We’ve learned that three big actors have been added to the cast to play especially popular heroes from the world of X-Men.
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What Disappoints Halle Berry About Her Oscar Win
Despite a history making win as Best Actress for her role in Monster's Ball, Halle Berry is disappointed in her win. Read on to find out why.
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The 10 Most Popular Movie Stars In The World, According to Fandango
The folks over at Fandango surveyed more than 1,000 movie fans and polled them on which stars and films they’re most anticipating to see grace the screen in 2015. Naturally, Star Wars, Avengers and Hunger Games topped the film categories, and the actor lists were very much a reflection of this ranking.
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Extant Is Dumping Most Of Its Cast, Get The Details
Halle Berry’s TV series Extant is about to get a huge revamp ahead of its second season. News broke this week that the show is dumping a chunk of the cast that appeared in the first season and will be signing on a new crew during Season 2. The why and how of the transition gets a little stickier.
X-Men's Storm Could Be Played By This Vampire Diaries Star
With the upcoming X-Men: Age of Apocalypse film set to introduce younger versions of some of the original X-Men characters, speculation on the casting of Storm has been up in the air.
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X-Men: Apocalypse Will Probably Change Course With These Main Characters
Back in 2011, the X-Men franchise managed to pull off something kind of incredible. After spending years of establishing actors like Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Rebecca Romijn as cinematic versions of Professor X, Magneto and Mystique, the series completely changed things up with the prequel X-Men: First Class. Now, three years later, the comic book movie franchise is ready to do a bit of recasting once again, although this time it will be with the characters like Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops.
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Halle Berry Is Working With House Producers On This Quirky Medical Drama
Halle Berry headed over to CBS this summer for the surprisingly consistent mystery series Extant, a project that led to Berry’s production company 606 Films forming a first-look deal with the network. The first fruit of that joint venture has surfaced in an untitled medical drama about a singular protagonist whose off-kilter approach to things is part of the draw.
Halle Berry Gets A 'Taken' Of Her Own With 'Kidnap'
Halle Berry has signed on to front Kidnap, a thriller that will follow the harrowing journey of a mother who will stop at nothing to recover her kidnapped son. No further plot details are being released at present, but it sounds to us like Kidnap might be Berry's Taken, or possibly her Ransom.
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Halle Berry Is Pregnant With A Space Baby In Extant Trailer
I’m wholeheartedly hoping against hope that this futuristic drama will be the cerebral science fiction that networks so rarely aim for, and this android-and-alien/ghost/thing-filled trailer seen above emboldens my expectations. Which means they have that much farther to fall.
First Extant Trailer Puts Halle Berry In Space And Humanity Possibly In Peril
With their upcoming sci-fi drama Extant, CBS has been holding plot details pretty close to the vest. But we now have our first trailer for the summer series. The thirty second spot is more of a teaser than it is a full trailer, but it does offer us some footage from the drama, including a few glimpses of Halle Berry in space.
Halle Berry's Storm May Have Been Cut From X-Men: Days Of Future Past
The future of the past X-Men stars was likely limited, so actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and Michael Fassbender can carry the torch. Even if Berry has, like, three scenes in Days, the emphasis isn’t going to fall on Storm or the heroes who helped launch this film franchise back in 2000.
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Mystery Thriller 'Extant' Episodes Will Be Available On Amazon Prime Days After Airing On CBS
Remember last summer when Amazon Prime made each new episode of CBS’ hit summer drama Under the Dome available just days after it aired? Awareness of this may be contingent on whether or not you were a Prime subscriber at the time or had any interest in Under the Dome. Regardless, it was a new approach for CBS and Amazon Prime in quickly distributing the series on the streaming video service one episode at a time...
Halle Berry Names Son Maceo, Rate Her Choice
Over the weekend, Halle Berry gave birth to her second child, her first with new husband Olivier Martinez. Almost immediately, fans were informed the child was a) male and b) healthy
Will Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Start Getting Along After Birth Of New Child?
Halle Berry is a proud mother for the second time. The popular actress gave birth at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Saturday, and while not a whole lot of information has been released to the public, we do know the newborn is a male and more importantly, that he’s completely healthy.
Halle Berry Weds, Will This Be Her Last Marriage?
Halle Berry is once again a wife. The Academy Award winning actress walked down the aisle in a lovely, European ceremony this weekend in which she exchanged I-dos with fiancé Olivier Martinez. With a baby on the way and plenty of resources, the two have everything they need to carve out their own version of the white picket fenced American dream, but given all that’s happened before, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that’ll happen.

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