2 Chainz May Have Had A Four-Finger Ring And Not Brass Knuckles

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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There are few places on Earth where men and women are more thoroughly inspected than airports. From body scanners to luggage scanners to pat-downs, authorities give everything a once over, which is why many were so surprised earlier today when rapper 2 Chainz was reportedly arrested for having brass knuckles inside his carry-on. Thereís just no way anyone could get away with sneaking such a weapon on a plane in this day and age. Well, it turns out 2 Chainz probably wasnít trying to.

According to Baller Status, what airport security actually found in the rapperís bag wasnít brass knuckles but a four-fingered Dope Couture ring they thought was brass knuckles. If that sounds like a suspicious excuse to you, please take a look at a picture belowÖ

No one directly involved has spoken on record as to whether this was actually what happened, but it sounds incredibly believable to me. As a twenty-something white dude, I had no idea four-fingered rings even existed. If I worked for TSA, Iím sure I would have thought this was a weapon. Technically, it might actually be, but thereís a big difference between trying to sneak full-on brass knuckles onto a plane and a musician bringing a fashion accessory he might wear on a regular basis. That's an understandable mistake.

Supposedly, 2 Chainz is still in custody, but if this is actually what happened, itís hard to imagine heíll get anything more than a stern, donít-do-this-again lecture.
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