There are few things in the world more adorable than watching little kids and dogs play together. Both parts of the equation are cute on their own, but something about bringing the two together can coax smiles out of even the biggest curmudgeons. I don’t really understand the science behind it, but the math is sound and proven by the following video.

Earlier this year, Youtube user Julian Burrett taped his son Arthur taking the family dog, Watson, for a walk. A twelve-year-old Shar Pei, Watson has clearly gotten up to his share of shenanigans in the past, but young Arthur, on the other hand, is always ready for some mischief. So, when the two spotted a puddle begging to be played in, Watson was kind enough to hang out and watch while Arthur had his share of fun. Take a look at the touching and hilarious video below…

I’ve passed along a lot of viral videos here at Pop Blend, but I’m not sure I’ve ever passed along one I watched more times than this clip of Arthur and Watson. It’s a great length. It’s soundtracked by the perfect song, and the basic message behind it is so adorable. I love it, and if you watched it, I can’t imagine you don’t feel the same way.



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