Back in 2010, YouTube user Schmoyoho decided to turn colorful hero Antoine Dodson’s local news speech into the autotuned Bed Intruder Song. Three years and more than one hundred million views later, Schmoyoho has developed a reputation for turning other strange moments into hit songs, and if the early response to his latest track is any indication, he found another winner.

Earlier this month, Cleveland resident Charles Ramsey was able to rescue three women from his neighbor’s house who had been held hostage for years. Afterwards, he gave an interview to the local media in which he weaved in more than a few strange directions. From eating ribs with the attacker to touching on his own skin color and that of the victim, he seemed to weird out the interviewer a little bit, but in doing so, he completely won over the general public. Footage of the interview has been making its way around the Internet the past few days, and in just the last forty-eight hours, more than six million people have already listened to the song embedded above.

Local news is a hell of a lot less professional than the national feeds. You never know what you’re going to get, which, is, of course, part of the charm. Here’s to hoping Ramsey has plenty of fun the next few days relishing in his newfound fame.



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