Did Vanessa Lachey Just Take The Greatest Pregnancy Photo Ever?

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Earlier this year, Jessica Simpson posed naked on the cover of Elle to flaunt her baby bump. Striking the side profile with boobs covered so many pregnant celebrities have tried before her, the combination singer/ actress/ reality starís decision drew praise from many but scorn from a vocal minority who didnít find it tasteful, classy or appropriate. The polarizing response wasnít really surprising considering it happens whenever a high profile woman bares her expecting figure, but something tells me the new photo Vanessa Lachey just offered to the world wonít draw much criticism. In fact, it might be the best pregnancy photo ever.

Taken by her husband, Lachey dropped the breathtaking bomb in the middle of an Iíll-show-you-my-bump-if-you-show-me-yours contest earlier this week, and it looks like a still taken by a world class photographer with a professional crew. You can take a look at the image belowÖ

If there is a more flattering picture of a pregnant woman out there, Iím not sure Iíve ever seen it. The angle is perfect. The sun is perfect. The pool is just the right amount of deep. Iím not typically offended by nude or bikini expecting mother pictures, but Iím not the sort to look at them multiple times either. This, however, feels like it should be donated to a museum.

What do you think? Are you as enamored with this picture as I am? Let me know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

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