Emma Roberts Busted For Allegedly Biting Boyfriend

By Mack Rawden 2013-07-17 12:45:03
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Earlier this month, Emma Roberts was inside a hotel room in Montreal when she and her boyfriend, Evan Peters, reportedly got into an extremely aggressive confrontation. After overhearing the situation, someone else on the floor decided to call the police, and when they arrived, they wound up carting the actress away in handcuffs.

Details on what exactly happened are still a little bit fuzzy, but apparently, Roberts was arrested because Evan had a blood nose and a very noticeable bite mark. As she didnít have any clear marks on her, he was allowed to remain free, which seemingly worked out well since that allowed him to head down to the station on his own recognizance and tell police he had no interest in pressing charges against his girlfriend.

According to TMZ, Emma was released within just a few short hours. Unless something changes in the near future, itís likely this matter is finished from a legal perspective. As an ugly memory, however, it will likely linger over Roberts and Petersí relationship moving forward. If all goes according to plan, it will serve as a wake-up call to calm down a bit while theyíre arguing, but itís also entirely possible it will only create more friction and more turmoil when they argue.

Roberts has been a pretty in-demand actress over the past few years. She now has a very good amount of creative control over what scripts she would like to pursue. In order to spend time with Evan, however, she recently decided to grab a job alongside him on American Horror Story.

Neither Roberts nor Peters has offered any new details about what happened. Given theyíre still together and assumedly want to keep their personal life private, it seems very unlikely they will do so at any point moving forward, which is probably a good thing. As working actors, both of them have better things to worry about than courting some media attention that ultimately makes them look bad in the long run.

Now and again, even the best of couples can let an exchange get too out of hand. By all accounts, he didnít hit her, and while her allegedly biting and blooding his nose shouldnít give anyone the warm and fuzzies, itís impossible to make a real judgment without knowing exactly what happened.

Pop Blendís sincerest well-wishes go out to everyone involved in this case. Hereís to hoping this is the last time either of their names come up in relation to police reports and/ or rumors of domestic violence.
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