Earlier today, Halle Berry’s baby daddy Gabriel Aubry and her fiancé Olivier Martinez wound up trading punches outside the actress’ Los Angeles home. Details are still fuzzy on exactly what happened, but apparently, the former was there to drop off daughter Nahla for Thanksgiving. When he was getting ready to leave, Olivier reportedly made a comment about how he should move along. Gabriel didn’t exactly take it well and reportedly fired a punch.

After the dust settled and the authorities arrived, both men had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for various injuries. Aubrey supposedly broke a rib and Martinez supposedly suffered neck and hand injuries. According to TMZ, Halle’s ex was eventually arrested for misdemeanor battery, presumably because he turned the altercation physical first.

Over the past few months, the relationship between Berry and Aubry has deteriorated quickly. At one point, she even tried to move daughter Nahla out of the country, but a judge denied her request to do so. In the immediate future, it looks like they’re both going to be in the same place, and since they share Nahla, they’ll need to get along.

Obviously, both Aubry and Martinez are grown men ultimately responsible for their own behavior, but a case could be made that Berry should bare some of the responsibility for what happened. If she made it clear they all needed to get along no matter what, it’s hard to think either her fiancé or her ex would be throwing punches.

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Is Halle At Least Partially To Blame?

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