Kanye West Claims Sex Tapes Were Stolen From His Computer

By Mack Rawden 2012-09-24 23:47:59
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Well, that didnít take long. Lawyers for Kanye West have already begun firing off strongly worded letters to stop the dissemination of their clientís sex tapes, even threatening websites that have posted screenshots without any nudity.

According to a statement obtained by E! Online, the two tapes in question were somehow stolen off Kanyeís computer. How thieves managed to do as much is still unclear, but apparently, at no point did he ever willingly give up the personal property or okay its spread. Consequently, anyone who views said image or footage would be doing so illegally and therefore be subject to fines and charges.

As of press time, itís unclear how many people have actually seen either of the tapes. Various outlets reportedly viewed the footage as it was being offered for sale, but none of it seems to have made its way on the Internet, save a few random screencaps. If even a minute of the real footage does make its way online, todayís statement will likely seem positively jovial compared to the righteous anger that will spew forth at that point.

At first, given his girlfriendís famous sex tape, it was unclear if Kanye would care about the world seeing any of his. Today, he more than cleared up any lingering questions. He will fight tooth and nail to bury these tapes, and given his resources, thereís no reason to think he wonít succeed.
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