Kanye West has finally completed the music video for his single “Black Skinhead,” which the singer prefers to stylize as “"BLKKK SKKKN HEAD." An early version of the video was leaked on to YouTube earlier this month, but the finalized version is bizarre, interactive, and takes forever to load. Once you get into the page, however, fans will find a video featuring a shirtless West dancing around wearing only a bright gold chain. Some angry Dobermans are also a big part of this video.

If you did manage to get your hands on the leaked version of the video West put together with the help of Nick Knight, you’ll find a video that’s a little more stylized and, well, finished, but is otherwise similar to what we got before when the video. The video is available via West’s official site and since it’s sort-of interactive, allowing fans to take screenshots and speed up play, it’s also not easily embeddable, so you’ll have to catch the video at the site. It premiered at midnight on Monday.

West has always been a dude who has portrayed a lot of anger, but things have seemed a little worse lately, thanks to the proliferation of media coverage due to his relationship with Kim Kardashian, the leaked video, and then West flipping out on photographers at the Los Angeles International Airport. As far as the leak goes, West was really angry, taking to Twitter to rant about the preemptive release, even dropping an F-bomb at whoever initially uploaded the video.

Today, the 36-year-old wasn’t any nicer about the actual release of the video, telling those who posted “just the video version” and not the interactive version that they were doing it wrong. The new rant is equally as eloquent.

We here at Pop Blend will tell you that the video version is no different from the interactive version, except that it serves to send more traffic to West’s site. If you want an actually awesome example of the possibilities of music videos, you should check out The Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait” video site. It’s infinitely better than watching Kanye hop around.



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