If you’re pretty close friends with Kim Kardashian and she sent you a picture of her baby, North West, do not attempt to sell it. I repeat: do not attempt to sell it. The scheme might seem like an easy way to pay rent for the next few months, but it’s actually a larger ruse to weed out traitors and excommunicate them from the Kardashian family inner circle.

That’s right. In what can only be described as a discarded sideplot from a romantic comedy that should have starred Jennifer Aniston, Kim recently hatched a brilliant scheme to find out which of her friends were trustworthy. She reportedly procured a half dozen or so different fake baby pictures and sent them along to members of her inner circle in an attempt to smoke out anyone who might try to sell or leak them. A few days later, two of the pictures have emerged, though it’s unclear who the individual pictures were originally entrusted to.

According to TMZ, editors at the outlet were approached earlier this week by an unidentified person close to Kim, who wanted big money for one of the pictures. When they tried to verify the information with their own sources inside or close to the Kardashian family, they were told that wasn’t the baby, and in short order, details of the fake baby photo scheme started emerging. In fact, not long after, the outlet got its hands on a second fraudulent North West photograph, though that one was leaked without any monetary demands.

Can you imagine living in a world where you couldn’t trust your immediate friends to keep a photograph of your baby private? Everyone always talks about how great it must be to have almost unlimited resources, but the tradeoff of that privilege is an uncomfortable percentage of those they know are willing to use the couple for personal gain.

I highly doubt Kim will ever publically reveal the people who tried to leak these baby photographs, but I would be shocked if they were allowed to remain a close part of the reality star’s inner circle. In her position of being covered so relentlessly by the media, she likely values discretion, silence and loyalty above most other character traits, and whoever tried to either sell or put these photographs out there didn’t illustrate any of those three qualities.

We will keep you updated on this situation in the coming weeks. Until then, if one of your friends tells you a secret or shows you something that’s obviously meant to be kept private, don’t go against their wishes in order to forward your own interests. Whether you get caught or not, that’s just straight up poor form.



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