Sometimes it really is better to take the first deal offered. When Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries initially separated, the reality star told her estranged husband they should just walk away from the marriage with the resources they entered it with, given they weren’t even married for three months. He refused and demanded seven million dollars, and over the past year, they’ve been slowly fighting it out through attorneys, each generating around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

According to TMZ, Kim has become so pissed off about all the delay tactics and all the bills she’s had to pay that she’s no longer willing to simply call the marriage a wash and walk away. Now, she actually wants to go to court and fight it out in front of a judge because she’s convinced Humphries will lose because of how uncooperative he’s been for the past year.

Humphries hasn’t spoken publically about what his intentions are, but rumor has it he’s apparently more keen to settle now than he ever has been before, which is a shame given Kim’s change of heart. Right now, it’s looking like she won’t back down and walk away, but in the coming weeks, her opinion could easily change.

We’ll keep you updated as this absolute mess winds its way through the court system. It could have been over in a day. Instead, it could well extend past Kardashian’s entire pregnancy.



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