Kris Humphries' Parents Are Getting Divorced

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Itís been a good year for lawyers who know the Humphries family. Son Kris has spent months paying his attorneys to slow his divorce proceedings down as much as possible, and now, his parents have decided to end their own marriage, which will keep at least two more litigators in business.

The NBA playerís mother, Debra, filed the paperwork earlier this month. Itís unclear how Krisí father, William, feels about her decision, but regardless, she seems ready to move forward. According to TMZ, the family owns several Five Guys restaurants, which will no doubt be a major factor when a judge decides how to split up the assets.

Kris has long claimed he wanted an annulment rather than a divorce from his ex because of religious reasons. Most people didnít find that to be an acceptable rationale, and apparently, Humphriesí own mother feels the same way. Sheís willing to sever ties, though itís unlikely her behavior will convince her son who is already too pot committed to change his mind now.

Kris Humphries allegedly always wanted to be a celebrity. A few years ago, he was a random NBA player. Now heís a household name. I wonder if, knowing everything he knows now, heíd still marry someone famous.

Pop Blendís thoughts go out to the entire Kardashian family as they deal with this relationship split.
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