The Chateau Marmont hotel reportedly asked Lindsay Lohan to pack her cigarettes and go earlier this month, and if the bill currently making its way around the Internet is legitimate, the management had every right to give her the heave-ho. The actress stayed at the property for a total of forty-seven days while she filmed Liz & Dick for Lifetime and allegedly racked up a bill of more than forty-six thousand dollars, none of which has been paid.

Lohan hasn’t responded to any of the allegations yet, but TMZ obtained a copy of an angry letter and a bill supposedly sent to the starlet by the famed hotel. In it, management tells the actress she needs to vacate the property because of the unpaid charges. And good God is there a lot of charges.

In addition to the regular room rates, Lohan allegedly brought hundreds of dollars in cigarettes, thousands of dollars in minibar snacks and drinks and almost two grand in food from the restaurant. With all the money she made from her Playboy gig and various endorsements and acting roles, it’s unclear why she wouldn’t be willing to pay the charges, but then again, it’s unclear why this dispute over a hotel bill has gone public.

Regardless of whether this is all a big misunderstanding or not, Lohan needs to find a way to keep her name out of the headlines. The out-of-control image might have increased her fame, but ultimately, it’s cost her untold millions in acting roles.



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