Earlier this week, Miss USA contestant Sheena Monnin resigned her crown as Miss Pennsylvania and claimed the competition was rigged. She supposedly was told by Miss Florida that a list existed with five names on it, and those five names were allegedly the women who finished the highest. Just days after Monnin made the allegations, Miss Universe owner Donald Trump came forward and blasted the contestant as a jilted sore loser without any evidence. The mogul then offered her a deal. If she rescinded her comments and came back in the fold, he would pull the lawsuit his lawyers were drafting.

Well, the deadline has already passed, and Monnin has apparently decided to stick to her story. Unfortunately, that tale seems to be crumbling around her. One-by-one, the judges have come forward denying their was any funny business going on, and now Miss Florida, Karina Brez, has issued a statement claiming she never told Miss Pennsylvania the pageant was rigged. You can take a look at her words courtesy of TMZ
"I want to make a statement, very firm and very clearly, that I did not at any time tell Miss Pennsylvania USA or other Miss USA contestants that I knew the final five contestants in the Pageant. For reasons I don't understand, my name is now being brought forward as the person who released the names and implied that the Final Five contestants were pre-selected. This is absolutely not true, and not the case."

Monnin obviously seems firm in her convictions that something shady went down, but if this winds up in court, she’s probably in real trouble. Not only did she not see any supposed list herself, every single other person involved now is coming down against her. That’s a recipe for complete failure, and if she’s not careful, she could wind up facing a big monetary judgment.



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