Justin Bieber is not a very physically imposing man. In the grand scheme of pop stars, his ability to intimidate ranks slightly above Davy Jones and way below Leif Garrett, but if one photographer is to be believed, he’s a lot tougher than he looks. The Biebs was reportedly at a mall today doing some shopping when he and girlfriend Selena Gomez emerged and had an altercation with a paparazzo. It’s unclear what exactly went down, but an ambulance was called and the mystery cameraman was taken to the hospital.

According to TMZ, a police report for misdemeanor battery was filed, but if several witnesses are to be believed, this might be a case of a dude looking to make a quick buck. The alleged victim reportedly blocked Bieber and Gomez in by parking his car behind their vehicle. After he refused to move, a short scuffle supposedly broke out, and the pop star took off. Several witnesses are supposedly saying a lawyer then came forward and told the dude to call an ambulance and file a police report so a lawsuit could be filed.

Obviously, none of us were there; so, we don’t really know what happened. If the incident really did play out as it’s being described however, shame on both the lawyer and this photographer. Blocking someone’s car in is poor form, as is crying wolf after you’ve been shoved.

Police are reportedly investigating the matter and will speak with Biebs sometime in the next few days to get his side of the story before deciding whether to move forward.



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