Ray J Gifting Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Profits For Wedding

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Not all wedding gifts are created equally, but an overwhelming majority of them come from the same loving place of celebration. This one probably doesnít. Ray J has decided to send four months of profits from the sex tape he made with Kim Kardashian to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in celebration of their upcoming union. Is it a nice gesture? Is it a middle finger? Is it a joke? Is it some weird power play directed at Yeezus? Only Ray J knows, but the weird gift has caught the attention of the general public.

According to TMZ, those four months of profits add up to roughly $47,000. Nope. Thatís not a typo. The 7-year-old footage still averages more than $10,000 a month in royalties for Ray J. Kardashian herself reportedly makes as much or more than that, and obviously, Vivid is still getting a healthy percentage too. Long story short: people canít get enough of porn.

At this point, itís unclear whether Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will deposit the $47,000 or ship it back to Ray J. The majority of couples would probably be offended and ship it back, but the bride and groom actually have a strange relationship with that tape. For her, it was unquestionably the beginning of her tremendous fame, and for him, it was apparently a source of inspiration.

Regardless of where this little sideplot goes, thereís every reason to think this marriage will be a little more successful than Kim Kardashianís last go-around. Both of them have a very unique understanding of the rigors of incredible, otherworldy fame. They also share a child, have spent a long time living together prior to the wedding and started out as close friends. None of that guarantees success, but it certainly forecasts a far rosier picture than the Kris Humphries wedding.

Weíll keep you updated.
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