As one of the stars of Jersey Shore and a woman apt to paint the town boozy, Snooki has been the protagonist in more than her share of rumors. As such, she’s uniquely able to handle media firestorms, but something tells me the reality star was completely unprepared for all the press she’s received lately. It all started about a week ago when the pregnancy whispers suddenly became much more forceful. Within hours, numerous media outlets were citing their own sources to verify she was with child. Over the past few days, those rumblings haven’t quieted, but today, they were pushed to the backburner thanks to another revelation about her future.

The spitfire was filming some scenes for her upcoming reality show when cameras spotted her wearing some bling on her left ring finger. People did some investigating and heard through the grapevine that Snooki’s boyfriend/ baby daddy Jionni did propose and was greeted with a resounding yes. If true, that’s not exactly a big surprise. She’s talked openly about how a wedding was coming, it was just a matter of him buying the ring and asking.

So, apparently, Snooki is pregnant and engaged. Last week, I asked readers if they thought Snooki would make a good mother. An overwhelming majority said no. So, now I’ll take that question one step further. Do you think she’s wife material?

Snooki is far from the only women in the world who has hit a rough patch during her twenties. Some of these people are never able to get it together, but a whole lot more eventually grow up and become good wives and partners. What do you think? If someone you knew said he was marrying Snooki, would you give the relationship a thumbs up? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will Snooki Be A Good Wife?

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