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The Jersey Shore is about to get a whole lot more whiny. After weeks of rumors and denials, the truth has finally come out. Snooki is having a baby with boyfriend Jionni LaValle. The reality star is reportedly three of four months along in her pregnancy, which could well set up a baby special to end all baby specials.

At least if that’s the direction MTV decides to go. The network reportedly hasn’t quite figured out how to handle Snooki’s new baby bump and has been accessorizing her with lots of bags to cover her growing stomach on the set of her and JWoww’s upcoming Jersey Shore spin-off. I get the fear that viewers might be less excited about pregnant Snooki than trainwreck Snooki, but it seems ridiculous to think millions of people wouldn’t still tune in to watch her yell at Jionni about needing pickles immediately.

Snooki pregnancy rumors first popped up a little less than a month ago, but the twenty-four year old was quick to publicly deny the stories. The New York Post claims those lies were to help facilitate an US Weekly cover story, but TMZ attributes the denials to her wanting to wait at least three months to verify everything was okay. Regardless of why she waited, the news is out there now, and Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to Snooki and Jionni. They might not be characters out of a Normal Rockwell painting, but the world still needs loud, orange spitfires.

Here’s to hoping the couple has a girl; so, Snooki can accessorize that baby with every last bit of trashy nonsense Jersey has for sale.

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