Watch Patrick Kane Do Things With A Hockey Stick That Shouldn't Be Possible

By Mack Rawden 2013-09-16 16:03:51

Patrick Kane probably isnít the best player in the NHL. Hell, he probably isnít even the best player on the Chicago Blackhawks, but there may not be a single human being on Earth with a better set of hockey hands than the twenty-four-year-old Buffalo native. Heís been wowing teammates, opponents and fans since he was a teenager with his jaw-dropping passes and stunning dekes, and now, thanks to a brilliant viral video, word of his talent is spreading to those who donít care about hockey too.

When figuring out a way to market a product, companies often overthink the message, but that definitely didnít happen here. In the above video, put together by Bauer to advertise the Vapor ARX2 stick, the company turned on a camera, set up a bunch of pucks and let Kane use his sick talent to create magic. As you can see, he more than rose to the challenge. In just a few short days, the clip has already generated more than a million views, and that figure should grow exponentially higher in the next few days once word of mouth increases.

Hereís what Kane told ESPN about the experienceÖ
ďWhen they had the idea and told me how many pucks were going to be in the circle, I was like, ĎI donít know if I can do it. But I tried it with a few and said, ĎWhy not throw all of them in there and see if I can do it? If not, weíll stop it.í But, yeah, it was cool. It was fun. To see the final product, it was awesome.Ē

None of this will help Kane or his teammates as they try to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions this year, but it sure as hell will help Bauer sell a few sticks. Since number 88 got paid for it, that seems like a win-win to me.
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