Watch Rory McIlroy And A Robot Hit Golf Balls Into Washing Machines

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Rory McIlroy might only be twenty-four-years-old, but itís more than fair to already call him a winner. Heís won on the PGA Tour. Heís won on the European Tour, and heís won on the Asian Tour. Heís won two Major Championships, won the Ryder Cup and now, heís won a grudge match against a robot. Thatís right. As part of a new line of marketing commercials, the European Tour recently paired Rory with a smack-talking, golf-playing giant robot in a contest to see who could hit balls into washing machines a hundred, two hundred and even three hundred yards down range. Not surprisingly, the scheme wound up being pretty damn entertaining.

As someone who has played more than his share of golf, I can tell you for stone cold fact that hitting a golf ball into a washing machine one hundred yards down range is beyond just a normal level of difficult. The distance, the angle and the trajectory all have to be perfect. Maybe, maybe on a good day I could hit one out of twenty. Hitting a golf ball three hundred yards down range, however, is almost unfathomably hard. Thereís a reason why fairways are twenty or thirty yards wide in many cases. Thatís because even good players need that much room for error, even for a good shot. And donít even get me started on the washing machine they propel into the air. Apart from medium-length bunker shots, thereís arguably nothing harder in the entire sport than trying to hit the ball a very specific height.

There are some professional sports leagues that just get it when it comes to marketing. In the United States, the National Basketball Association has long led the pack with clever and entertaining commercials and viral videos, and apparently across the pond, the European Tour has spent the past few years carving out a pretty appealing track record too. Beyond this hysterical Rory and the machine clip, theyíve released dozens more involving the best and brightest players trying to do random and hilarious things like hitting a gong from two hundred yards away.

I know. I want to watch that video too. So, here it is in all its glory, 4 European Tour professionals trying to skip a ball through a lake and hit a nine inch gongÖ

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