Dumpster diving may be trendy in some social circles, but unlike humans, bears have a little more strength to rely on. A female brown bear recently found she could snag some epic trash by just stealing an entire dumpster rather than trying to dive in to find some goods. The brown bear hit up a Colorado Springs restaurant called Edelweiss, whose employees were shocked to see the brown bear nab the dumpster not just once, but two nights in a row.

Animals can often find thrifty and adventurous ways to snag food from human beings. However, the audacity of the bear to come sniffing twice into a lit area to steal a giant dumpster is hilarious, and I’m so happy it was caught on tape. It’s like an upgraded version of a Yogi Bear episode in every way. In fact, I can’t wait for the update in which this bear progressively gets smarter and starts varying his restaurant choices in order to throw the authorities in Colorado off. Imagine how annoyed a police officer would be to get stuck on bear and dumpster duty.

Over the past ten thousand years or so, bears and humans have been forced to adapt to living in proximity to one another. As such, we’ve learned not to screw with baby bears when their mothers are around. Most of us would not directly challenge bears, and we’ve learned it’s not really a good idea to make the creatures dance in Russian circuses. Conversely, bears have learned to flee when guns are involved, and they’ve learned how to raid human campsites for free meals that are delicious and likely extremely bad for their digestive systems.

Dumpster-stealing bears may be more wily than cute, but the Internet is full of other videos showing animals doing adorable things. From cats meeting snow for the first time to dogs and lions being BFFs like it’s not even weird, a great animal clip is arguably the easiest way to trend on YouTube, which is why it should surprise no one this footage is getting more than a little airplay.

Since we’re on the subject, embedded below is another adorable animal video. This is a baby rhinoceros, and he’s being taught how to wallow in the mud for the first time. Yes, it’s every bit as adorable as it sounds.



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