Amanda Bynes Accidentally Doused Her Dog In Gasoline While Making Fire

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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The woman whose driveway Amanda Bynes singed might be the most obvious victim of the actressí bizarre residential neighborhood bonfire yesterday, but if the situation had gone just a little bit differently, the fiasco could have had an actual bodycount in the form of the former All That starís beloved Pomeranian. In the middle of setting the driveway ablaze, Bynes reportedly spilled gasoline all over the poor animal, but after a trip to a local liquor store, the crisis was averted.

According to TMZ, Bynes had just gotten the fire going when she spilled the gas canister on the dog and herself. Thinking quickly, she reportedly ran to a local liquor store, plowed right past the clerk on duty and put the dog inside a sink in the employeeís only area of the establishment. After washing the Pomeranian off, she was confronted by an employee and allegedly took off immediately. Once back at the bonfire with the dog, she reportedly caught her pants on fire briefly before stopping, dropping and rolling it out.

Authorities arrived on the scene a few minutes later, and after interviewing Bynes and the numerous residents who made their way outside, the actress was taken into custody and placed on a 5150 psychological hold. Ordinarily, that process lasts 72 hours, but rumors are now racing that the actressí parents are trying to place her under a conservatorship and commit her to a facility for longer in order to get a proper diagnosis that may or may not be schizophrenia. This isnít the first time such a possibility has been raised, but as an affluent twenty-seven-year-old who maintained at least some control over her life, she was never considered enough of a danger to herself or the community in the past to take away her freedom. Maybe this fire incident will change that. Maybe it wonít. We should know within a matter of days.

Regardless, something clearly needs to be done. Normal people operating with a clear head donít set fires to random peopleís driveways, and if they do, they either flee or call 911 for help. They donít merely hang out and watch whatís happening with a confused expression, hoping their dog doesnít wander too close to the blaze in case thereís any gasoline residue left.

Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to Bynes and her doctors during this time of need. Sheís clearly at a crossroads right now. She could get the help she needs moving forward, or she could continue spiraling out of control. I think I speak for everyone when I say itís better she gets the help she deserves and gets back to doing what she does best.
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