Britney Spears Answers Fan Questions, Seems Jazzed About How Her 'Situation' Is Turning Out After Hiring New Lawyer

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Ever since Britney Spears finally opened up in court about what being under her conservatorship for the past 13 years has felt like for her, things seem to actually be moving along in her efforts to have her father, Jamie Spears, removed from her case. The younger Spears has seen several aspects of her life open up in just the past few weeks since speaking out, and now she's taken to social media to answer some fan questions, and show that she seems pretty jazzed abut how things are going after hiring her new lawyer.

It's been a little over a month since Britney Spears shocked many people by comparing her conservatorship (under her father's control, at least) to "sex trafficking" in court, revealing a number of alleged abuses of power on the part of Jamie Spears. In the weeks since, the pop icon has been allowed new freedoms, including the ability to hire her own attorney, Mathew Rosengart, and she's now chosen to answer some fan questions on Instagram, which has led to Spears revealing how happy she appears to be with the way things are going now.

Before addressing some fan queries in her short video directly, Spears said:

OK, so, I'm sure a lot of you guys are wondering how I'm doing. And since the cat is out of the bag, literally, out of the bag, and you guys know my situation, I do want to let you guys know things are way better than what I ever anticipated, and here are a couple of questions that you guys asked me apart from the drama in the conservatorship.

After so many years of staying silent about the reported treatment she'd received while under her father's control, it must have been very difficult and scary for Britney Spears to come forward in court and talk about the abuses she believed were going on. So, it makes a lot of sense, especially with her having attempted several times over the past year or so to have Jamie Spears removed from her conservatorship, that her hopes wouldn't have been especially high that talking about life under her official guardian would result in many changes. Luckily, Spears feels that things are actually going "way better" than she'd dared to hope by this point.

Of course, if you've been paying attention to the Free Britney movement or her conservatorship battle as of late, you probably know that the only reason she's able to address fans directly in a video on her Instagram is because she spoke in court late in June about all of the supposed mistreatment she'd been subjected to under the conservatorship. There have been lots of fans who believed that Spears was either using her social media to ask coded messages for help, or that it was being controlled by someone else, and because of her recent court appearance, the singer was recently granted more control over what she posts there.

Spears used the rest of her video to respond to fans, and you can watch the full clip, below:

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Britney Spears truly seems to be happy about what's going on in her conservatorship battle right now, so, hopefully, that will continue and she'll see things go in the best way possible for her.

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