Watch To Learn Why The First Human Voice Aliens Hear Could Be Hitlerís

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Chances are, somewhere out there, alternative life forms exist. They probably arenít little green men. They probably havenít beamed anyone onto space ships and probed them, but given what we know about the size of the universe and the evolution of life, it seems likely weíre not completely alone. A sizeable chunk of the unidentified life forms are probably single-celled organisms, but in addition, there could well be some species more advanced than us. If there are and theyíre waiting to pick up radio frequencies, the first thing theyíll hear is probably Hitlerís voice.

The first extremely powerful broadcast signal the human race ever sent out was probably from the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The radio waves were strong enough to reach 41 countries and head into space. Today, theyíve traveled more than seventy-seven light years, and in theory, theyíll continue traveling forever. So, if life forms somewhere else in the universe are listening, theyíll eventually pick it up. At that point, it could be too scrambled to understand, but at least theyíll know intelligent life forms sent it.

In a nutshell, thatís the idea behind the newest effort from V Sauce. Released just two days ago, itís called ďLast WordsĒ, and it examines not only the famous last words of famous people but also the first words we might deliver to another species. Itís utterly fascinating in a V Sauce way, and itís already attracted more than one million views.

If you feel like watching some more V Sauce, Iíve gone ahead and embedded another video below for your enjoyment. Hereís Are We Ready For Aliens?Ö

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