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See How Much It Costs To Advertise On The Big Bang Theory And Other Shows image
Anyone who has been paying attention to The Big Bang Theory over the past several years should know that show crushes in the ratings. The higher the rating for a series the better its ad revenue typically is, and The Big Bang Theory is topping the list of programs where money raked in from advertisements is concerned.
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-14
Watch This Video Point Out All Of The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horror References image
The Simpsons’ famed “Treehouse of Horror” episode was a little higher profile than usual this year, thanks to prolific director Guillermo del Toro signing on to direct the opener for the 2013 special episode. The opening sequence was filled with references to past “Treehouse of Horror” gags, as well as a slew of names and movies involved with horror since the dawn of the film. Luckily, this video counts all of those references for us.
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-07
Watch Guillermo del Toro's Elaborate Horror-Themed Opening Sequence For The Simpsons image
Talking to Entertainment Weekly, del Toro revealed that the show's producers initially offered him a voice role or to dream up one of the show's famous couch gags, but he wanted to take it much further. "“The Simpsons titles are so iconic and yet they’ve never been riffed in this vein,” he says. “I really wanted to land the connections between the [show’s] set pieces and the titles and some of the most iconic horror movies, and intersperse them with some of my stuff in there for pure joy."
Katey Rich 2013-10-04
Watch Guillermo del Toro's Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXIV Couch Gag  image
It's that time of year again! For more than two decades, The Simpsons has been celebrating Halloween the best way it knows how; with the special annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode. The Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror XXIV includes a special couch gag courtesy of horror masterGuillermo Del Toro. You can devour every morsel of it in the video above, and be on the lookout for some great horror cameos!
Kelly West 2013-10-03
Watch The Simpsons' Homeland-Inspired Opening Credits image
Welcome to Homerland, where everyone is in on the plot, from Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton to Itchy, Scratchy, Sideshow Bob… even Maggie. Especially Maggie. In case you couldn't guess, Homeland's return isn't going unrecognized by The Simpsons, which also happens to return for its new season this Sunday night, an hour ahead of the Showtime drama's premiere. The Simpsons pays tribute to the thrilling cable drama by parodying its opening credits and throwing a few Springfield twists in for good measure.
Kelly West 2013-09-26
Guillermo Del Toro Will Bring The Terror To The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXIV image
But even those who may complain until the end of time will more often than not tune in for that most famous of Simpsons episodes, the “Treehouse of Horror.” This year’s episode, premiering October 6, has a bigger draw than most, as it will feature an opening directed by none other than the fantastically macabre director Guillermo Del Toro, according to Bloody Disgusting.
Nick Venable 2013-09-17
Futurama And Simpsons Plan Crossover Episode image
The Simpsons and Futurama have crossed over once before, but only in comic form. Now that Futurama is set to go off the air (again), the creator of both shows, Matt Groening, is finally willing to bring it to the big screen. During the Comic-Con panel for Futurama today Groening hinted at a Simpsons/Futurama crossover in an upcoming episode
Katey Rich 2013-07-20
The Simpsons 2013 Comic-Con Panel Live Blog image
This year at SDCC, The Simpsons is celebrating its twenty-fifth season. Twenty-fifth! A quarter of a century! That's insane a and in attendance for the special occasion are creator and legend Matt Groening, executive producer Al Jean, supervising director Mike Anderson and consulting producer David Silverman. There are probably a few big things planned to mark the milestone but fans are going to get to see never-before-seen footage from guest director Guillermo del Toro's episode, “We Put The Spring In Springfield!” Rad.
Jesse Carp 2013-07-20
Homer Simpson's Car The Homer Cruises Onto A Real Race Track image
If you recall the earlier years of The Simpsons, you may remember the episode titled "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?," which introduced Homer's half-brother Herbert Powell (Danny DeVito), a wealthy Detroit auto manufacturer who enlists Homer to help him come up with a design for a car for the average man. That's how Homer comes to develop "The Homer," not to be confused with Homer himself, or Marge's bowling ball. As you can see in the video above, someone went ahead and made The Homer a reality.
Kelly West 2013-07-09
How I Met Your Mother Among 20th Century Fox TV Series Headed To Comic Con  image
Comic Con is a little over a month away, which means we're at the point where we should start hearing confirmation on what TV shows will be showcased at the convention. The list for 20th Century Fox TV's series has arrived online and indicates that a number of new series will be featured with panels, as well as How I Met Your Mother, which will make its Comic Con debut in San Diego to promote its final season.
Kelly West 2013-06-12
Arrested Development's Will Arnett To Guest Star On The Simpsons In Season 25 image
Fox’s The Simpsons is turning 25 next year, and plenty of guest stars have signed on to commemorate the event. If we’re being honest, The Simpsons has always been great about utilizing guest appearances from famous celebrities, but if 25 years means extra new names, I’m all in. On Wednesday, it was determined that Arrested Development and Up All Night actor Will Arnett will guest star in a Season 25 episode of the long-running animated comedy.
Jessica Rawden 2013-06-05
The Simpsons' Springfield Will Come To Life At Universal Orlando This Summer image
Springfield, Springfield, it's a hell of a town! And it's headed to Universal Orlando Resort this summer. The Simpsons fans who have always wanted to visit the animated series' town will now have the opportunity to do so - or the closest thing to it - when Universal Orlando opens the new area of their park, which will allow fans to walk the streets of Springfield, and ride the new mega-attraction The Simpsons Ride.
Kelly West 2013-05-24
The Simpsons Goes Downton Abbey With Simpton Abbey Gag image
Downton Abbey may be between seasons right now, but out of sight definitely doesn't mean out of mind. Earlier today we shared Sean Combs' Funny or Die video, and this Sunday night, the series will be acknowledged in the double-episode season finale of The Simpsons. First, we have this video, which Fox shared today and gives us a look at Downton Abbey's opening credits, Simpsons-style. Simpton Abbey! Looks like Homer had some trouble with that old-fashioned razor.
Kelly West 2013-05-16
SNL's Kristen Wiig To Appear In A Season 25 Episode Of The Simpsons  image
The Simpsons has always been known for pretty big guest stars and next season Fox’s animated comedy plans to continue the tradition by using SNL veteran Kristen Wiig’s voice during a special episode. Wiig has signed on for a fall of 2013 episode of The Simpsons called “Homerland.”
Jessica Rawden 2013-05-15
Fox 2013-2014 Schedule Includes J.J. Abrams' Almost Human And Seth MacFarlane's Dads image
Fox announced their 2013-2014 lineup this morning, along with the planned schedule, which sets up new comedies on Tuesday nights and adds a number of other new series to the schedule, along with the returning shows. Among the new series is J.J. Abrams' sci-fi cop series Almost Human, Seth MacFarlane's new live-action comedy Dads and new animated comedy Murder Police.
Kelly West 2013-05-13
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