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Jennifer Lawrence Posed Naked With A Snake For A Stunning Photo image
It’s Jennifer Lawrence’s golden hour, pretty much every hour of the day as of late, and the young and beautiful actress recently decided to strip down and get naked for her latest photo shoot.
Catarina Cowden 2015-02-07
What Fifty Shades of Grey is Doing to Weird Out Your Mom While She Shops At Target image
Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise shocks buyers at Target. Fifty Shades of Grey Yours and Mine Vibrating Silicone Love Ring and other sex toys being sold next to kids' toothbrushes.
Gretchen Kelly 2015-02-06
J.K. Rowling Just Answered 3 Lingering Harry Potter Questions image
J.K. Rowling isn't an author to publish a mega-popular series of books and then disappear into a giant Scrooge McDuck pile of money while her fans obsess over unanswered questions and magical mysteries. Between Twitter and her Harry Potter website, the author continues to interact with fans and answer questions about the beloved magical series, some more hard-hitting than others.
Kelly West 2015-02-06
Marvel Will Introduce New Female Avengers Team That Will Include These Heroes image
As all hell breaks loose in Secret Wars in May , Marvel will also be changing the status quo by bringing something completely new to the table this summer: an all-female team of Avengers.
Adam Holmes 2015-02-06
5 Possible Explanations For The Huge Upcoming Marvel Announcement image
The February 6th episode of The View will present an announcement for a “game-changing title” that will spin out of Marvel’s Secret Wars. Here are some possibilities for upcoming books that Marvel may announce tomorrow.
Adam Holmes 2015-02-05
10 Funniest Celebrity Tweets From Super Bowl XLIX image
Whether you watch for the creative advertisements, the newly dropped movie trailers, the sexy half time show, or the actual football game, the Super Bowl is an annual event that gets everyone’s hearts racing and social media accounts roaring.
Catarina Cowden 2015-02-02
The Winds Of Winter Isn't Coming Anytime Soon, Publisher Updates On George R.R. Martin's Next Book image
It’s been some time since George R.R. Martin gave his fans new material to read, and it turns out that the latest novel in his hugely popular series A Song of Ice and Fire will be taking longer than we hoped.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-30
The Sad Reason Disney Pulled Starbucks' New Purple Monorail Mug image
Recently, Walt Disney World and Starbucks released a new line of designer mugs to represent all of the different theme parks in the famed amusement park. But, as the mugs hit the stands, one in particular brought up an unsettling past.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-29
Gwyneth Paltrow Says You Need To Steam Your Vagina Because Pseudoscience  image
Listen up, ladies. You might think you take care of yourself. You might think you’re well groomed and as fresh as possible, but thanks to noted eccentric Gwyneth Paltrow, we now know you’re almost certainly not.
Mack Rawden 2015-01-28
Watching People Watch 3D Porn Is A Wonderful Way To Spend Time image
When it comes to pornography, more lifelike is generally what people look for. The higher the resolution, the better the experience, at least usually. 3D technology/ Oculus, however, is a little jarring to get used to, and jarring isn’t always an adjective people would pair with erotic. See for yourself in this goofy and amusing video of people trying Virtual Reality Porn for the first time
Mack Rawden 2015-01-28
Watch A Real-Life Archer Put Hawkeye's Skills To Shame image
Could Hawkeye really hit all those targets that quickly in The Avengers, while falling off of a building? Well, it turns out no, he definitely couldn’t, but only because the style of archery in Hollywood is all wrong.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-24
Patrick Stewart Really Wants To Work With Jennifer Lawrence, Find Out Why image
With a lengthy resume, and notable connections, Stewart has an opportunity to work with pretty much anyone he pleases. So while promoting his newest film, Match, the beloved actor shared whom he would most like to collaborate with, and the answer was the one and only Jennifer Lawrence.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-23
5 Big Ways Secret Wars Will Completely Change The Marvel Universe image
This summer, Secret Wars will change the Marvel Comics universe forever. Here are the biggest changes we’ll see in the upcoming comic book event.
Adam Holmes 2015-01-21
New, Different Avengers Are Coming This Spring, Check Out Marvel's Mysterious Update image
Fans of the Avengers comics, get ready for a big change for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes this spring. A new lineup is on the way!
Adam Holmes 2015-01-16
Ready Player One Is Getting A Sequel image
Who's ready to return to the OASIS? Fans of Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One already have the feature adaptation to anticipate, and now it sounds like the author isn't finished with the story, as he's reportedly writing a sequel novel.
Kelly West 2015-01-16
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