Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Trailer And Demo Released image
Fancy a new Super Mario Galaxy game before the Wii U launches? Well, EEAi (Editing Entertainment Action Incorporated) has released a new game trailer for a hacked version of Super Mario Galaxy 2, featuring brand new content or redone content to bring gamers an awesome new gameplay experience.
William Usher 2012-08-26
Iwata Says Nintendo Won't Be Making Any Call Of Duty-Type Games image
Nintendo president Satoru Iwata made brief comments about the future of Nintendo software products and the head-honcho doesn't have any plans of competing with Microsoft, Activision, Sony or Electronic Arts in trying to cash-in on the Call of Duty craze.
William Usher 2012-07-15
Sony And Nintendo Need To Stop Making Consoles Says UKIE image
Some analyst and industry experts have been arguing over the viability of the console manufacturers continuing to push for handheld consoles in a market dominated by mobile phones. Well, the chairman of UKIE believes that Nintendo and Sony should abandon the handheld market altogether and focus on porting their content over to mobile phones instead.
William Usher 2011-11-26
Weekly Recap Nov 19th: Uncharted 3, PETA Vs Mario, Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed image
Hideo Kojima confirms he's leading up the team for Metal Gear Solid 5. We have a review and interview for Uncharted 3 and PETA takes aim at Mario for promoting raccoon skinning. These stories and more in this edition of the Weekly Recap.
William Usher 2011-11-19
Gaming From The Bargain Bin image
As we all know, the economy is being flushed down the toilet of financial despair. With that said, itís imperative that gamers budget wisely, pick titles intelligently and purchase video games with a keen eye on price and replay values. And what better way to game frugally than with a bargain bin guide?
William Usher 2009-03-05
Editorial: Nintendo Doesnít Want You To Play Their Games image
Nintendo has long since abandoned the likes of the hardcore market, as their first-party titles have revealed this. Yes, there are exceptions such as Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Brawl but those are the only exceptions.
William Usher 2008-10-03
Get Paid To Blame Video Games (Seriously) image
Sadly, this isn't some wacky April Fool's joke. A British newspaper is asking people to write in and tell them how violent video games have led them to a life of crime, and will pay hundreds of pounds for the right story.
Pete Haas 2008-04-01
Best Of 2007: Blend Games Top 5 Developers Of 2007 image
Hot damn, the new year is already upon us. This means weíll be playing the full version of Burnout Paradise pretty soon. And yes, Nero and Dante will showcase exactly what Xbox diehards have been missing out on. Everything we play has to be made by someone, and as part of our ďlooking into the past with love and longingĒ series throughout January we decided to name the Top 5 Video Game Developers Of 2007.
Blend Games Staff 2008-01-06
Best Of 2007: Top Five Video Game Characters - Part II image
at youíll find below is the top three characters on our list. As the New Year starts, itís nice to look into the past to see what moved us the most. This list was compiled using the latest technology in beer pouring and slurred speech. Two broken bottles, one crushed coffee table and a small kitchen fire later we have something to be proud of.
Blend Games 2007-12-31
12 Days Of Christmas: You're Never Too Old image
Some of my earliest Christmas memories are of sitting down with my family and playing our brand new NES. Well, they would sit playing. I was actually bouncing off the walls looking a lot like Mowgli the wild boy with my mop of black hair, bouncing up and down every time Mario would jump. Being the youngest of three boys Ė myself and the twins Ė it was always difficult knowing if I enjoyed something or I did it simply because thatís what was going on in the house
Tim Beringer 2007-12-17
Mario Has No Story To Tell image
It could easily be said that I have a strong affinity for everything Mario. Ever since Santa delivered a glorious new NES complete with Super Mario Bros. on Christmas morning 1985 Iíve been in 1ove with the squat plumber from Brooklyn. With age Iíve grown to appreciate the stories that visionaries like Tim Schaffer have been able to impart on me as a gamer. What that means is Iíve slowly come to the realization that the story of Mario is quite ludicrous.
Steve West 2007-12-04
Wii Review: Super Mario Galaxy image
While youíve probably already read a bakerís dozen of reviews for the pleasant plumberís escapades in outer space, this oneís different. Why? Well, unlike pretty much everybody else on the planet, I actually liked Super Mario Sunshine quite a bit and donít just jump from Mario 64 to Mario Galaxy in comparisons like everybody else. In my mind, every game has progressed to reach this very moment to craft not only the best game the Wii has ever been graced with
Rich Knight 2007-12-02
Mario Just Called My House image
Love them or loathe them, Nintendo definitely makes you feel special when you reserve one of their games. Whether it be Charles Martinet (The official voice of Mario) telling you to pick up Galaxy, or Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime telling you your Wiiís in stock, Nintendo definitely singles themselves out from the other big two companies that donít even CONSIDER leaving a stock message to Gamestop to send out to all its fans.
Rich Knight 2007-11-12
Super Mario Galaxy Creates Reason To Blow Dust Off Wii image
Super Mario Galaxy, that globe trotting adventure that sees Mario jettisoning to distant planets all in the quest to recover those precious, precious stars, looks like a real gem of a game that harkens back to Super Mario Bros. 3 if anything. Its huge quest, outfit changing ensemble, and all around colorful gameplay already makes me crave the thrill of what it was like to be a kid again with nothing to do on a Friday night but play a Mario game and eat Tombstone pizza on the floor.
Rich Knight 2007-11-11
Super Mario Bros 3 Arrives On Virtual Console image
Iím slightly sad by the announcement that Super Mario Bros 3, possibly the greatest platformer Iíve ever played, is coming the the Virtual Console. Why so sad? Iím not sure how interested I am, as Iíve been playing the game on my Gameboy SP and DS for years now. Who the hell am I kidding? This is the seminal platforming title in all of gaming, and now we get to play it once more on large television screens.
Steve West 2007-11-05
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