Review: Grid Autosport Hits A High Gear image
Grid Autosport is all about the racing. No longer relying on a barely there story to pull the player through the game or an “in your face” presentation to try and get the adrenaline pumping, Autosport lets the cars and the tracks do all of the heavy lifting, going out of its way to get the player into the driver’s seat quickly and, more importantly, show them a good time.
Ryan Winslett 2014-06-27
Murdered Soul Suspect Review: Don't Solve This Case image
After years of being a cop, I learned how to spot trouble from miles away. Case in point, Murdered: Soul Suspect. As soon as that lady walked into my office, I knew I was in deep trouble.
Pete Haas 2014-06-04
Watch Dogs Review: New Series, Same Old Tricks image
Early in Watch Dogs' campaign, a character comes close to summing up the game in nine words. "You're always so grim," he tells hero Aiden Pearce. "Don't you ever loosen up?"
Pete Haas 2014-05-29
Monochroma Review: Beautiful, But Nearly Broken image
In a black and white world where the sun seldom shines, the streets are all but abandoned and a mega-corporation controls all, you must shoulder the burden of an injured brother in order to carry him to safety.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-27
Moon Chronicles Review: Way Off Target image
In Moon Chronicles, players take on the role of Major Kane, a soldier tasked with exploring a mystery ripped from the pages of Lost and Alien and forged in the fires of classic shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-23
Strike Suit Zero Director's Cut Review: Competent But Inadequate image
I'll spare you the drama so you don't have to shuffle through what you might perceive to be a collection of paragraphs not worth the time: The game isn't worth $20 in my opinion. So you don't have to waste your time reading why, I gave it two and a half stars out of five.
William Usher 2014-04-08
Review: Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Is Worth A Second Adventure image
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE offers up new content and various other bells and whistles that are worth a look-see for fans of the original, and might even convert some of those who were originally unwilling to take the plunge.
Ryan Winslett 2014-04-01
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Review: Not Quite (Outer) Heaven image
There’s no questioning whether or not Ground Zeroes is a Metal Gear Solid game, but does it live up to the storied franchise that has kept players coming back for more over the past 20 years?
Ryan Winslett 2014-03-19
Titanfall Review: Hate The Story, Not The Game image
Let's get this out of the way first: Titanfall is an online-only game without a proper campaign. That might be enough to drive you away from the game. It would be a shame if you didn't give Respawn's rookie effort a look, though.
Pete Haas 2014-03-12
South Park: The Stick Of Truth Review: It's Annoying But It's Also True South Park image
South Park and role-playing games are both close to my heart so a South Park RPG should, in theory, be one of my favorite games ever. However, South Park: The Stick of Truth frequently made the RPG fan in me argue with the South Park fan.
Pete Haas 2014-03-09
Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Review: Rats And Space Marines image
Okay, this Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 review is late and most of you won't read it. I couldn't let this game pass without saying anything, though. It's too weird not to be reviewed.
Pete Haas 2014-03-03
Thief PS4 Review: Garrett Lost His Edge image
Reviving Thief is no easy task. Eidos Montreal had to cater to long-time series fans who waited a decade for a fourth installment. At the same time, they had to make sure that their nostalgic game was also a compelling, next-gen adventure that could launch a new series.
Pete Haas 2014-02-24
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Review: Time To Say Goodbye image
If you haven't played the previous Final Fantasy XIII games, there's a good chance that you won't like Lightning Returns. If you have played the previous games, there's a good chance you still won't like it. Square Enix has made some bold changes to the gameplay and unfortunately not all of them work.
Pete Haas 2014-02-11
Toukiden Review: Slaying With The Best Of 'Em image
A warrior is only as good as the weapon they carry in hand, the armor they wear on their back and, most importantly, the comrades who stand at their side. These laws of battle ring true in Toukiden: Age of Demons, the PlayStation Vita exclusive hunting game from Omega Force and Tecmo Koei.
Ryan Winslett 2014-02-10
Dungeon Keeper iOS Review: Give Me Your Money image
Is it possible to load up a game with nearly required microtransactions and still keep it fun? This question is worth exploring in a review about Dungeon Keeper's mobile remake. But first, let's talk about some of the premium add-ons that Gaming Blend is offering for this review.
Pete Haas 2014-02-09
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