League Of Legends' Mobile Game Is Surprisingly Fun image
League of Legends developer Riot Games has released a new arcade-like game called Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup you can play through your web browser or mobile device. It's more fun than you'd expect.
Pete Haas 2015-08-21
League Of Legends Servers Are Moving Next Week image
Riot Games is all set to move League of Legends' North American servers from Portland, Oregon to Chicago, Illinois. Today they announced the exact date of the move along with everything else players need to know.
Pete Haas 2015-08-19
Your League Of Legends Ping Might Get A Lot Better Or Worse Soon image
Riot Games will be moving the North American servers for League of Legends across the United States soon. This change could dramatically effect your playing experience.
Pete Haas 2015-08-12
League Of Legends Will Never Add This Much-Requested Game Mode image
Riot Games has detailed their future plans for League of Legends in a lengthy blog post. During the post, they confirmed that two features that are highly requested by players won't be implemented.
Pete Haas 2015-08-06
These Four League Of Legends Champions Are Getting Huge Changes image
League of Legends developer Riot Games announced today that they're going to rework four Champions. Their hope is to make each character feel unique.
Pete Haas 2015-08-04
League Of Legends' Gangplank Will Return With New Skin image
League of Legends studio Riot Games surprised the community earlier this week by "killing" long-time character Gangplank. However, he won't stay dead for much longer.
Pete Haas 2015-08-02
Why This Fan Favorite League of Legends Champion Was Just Killed Off image
League of Legends is known the world over for its enormous selection of Champions that can be earned and/or purchased. And now, it looks like one has been killed off. Killed off, as in totally removed from the game. VG247 is reporting that Gangplank has been killed off by his rival Miss Fortune, as part of the ongoing Bilgewater event.
Brittany Vincent 2015-07-31
6 League Of Legends Characters No One Likes Fighting image
Every League Of Legends player has a short list of characters they don't want to face. These are champions they consider overpowered, frustrating or just plain annoying.
Pete Haas 2015-07-29
These League Of Legends Champions And Skins Are On Sale In August image
As part of their new tradition of announcing sales in advance, League of Legends developer Riot Games has revealed their discounts for August. Players can buy dozens of champions and alternate skins on the cheap.
Pete Haas 2015-07-19
Why League Of Legends' Ranked Matches Are Disabled Right Now image
League of Legends players throughout the world are currently unable to play ranked matches. Riot Games was forced to disable this competitive mode due to a huge bug in the game.
Pete Haas 2015-07-16
League Of Legends' Tahm Kench Reminds Me Why I Hate New Champions image
League of Legends received a new playable character, Tahm Kench, this week. While a new champion ought to be a happy occasion, it's usually just a source of annoyance for me.
Pete Haas 2015-07-11
League Of Legends' Tahm Kench Champion Is Now Available image
League of Legends' roster of playable characters just expanded by one. Tahm Kench the River King is now available for purchase.
Pete Haas 2015-07-09
League Of Legends' Black Market Brawlers Mode Will Seriously Shake Things Up image
League of Legends will soon be adding a Black Market Brawlers mode. This limited-time game type makes some huge changes to the usual 5v5 matches on Summoner's Rift.
Pete Haas 2015-07-08
League Of Legends Will Add Bilgewater Map image
League of Legends is adding a new map. Today Riot Games released an extended preview of the Bilgewater battleground that will be hitting the Public Beta Environment soon.
Pete Haas 2015-06-25
Meet Tahm Kench, League Of Legends' Creepy New Champion image
Riot Games has finally shed some light on the new "River King" champion they teased for League of Legends last week. Tahm Kench is a tank who can either hold down a lane on his own or play a supporting role.
Pete Haas 2015-06-23
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