Each year, Ryan Murphy and his Gang of Mischievous Miscreants put their collective nose to the grindstone to deliver new and increasingly ridiculous seasons of FX's dark anthology American Horror Story. (And you don't even want to know what they do with the grindstone when they're done.) After all those deadly twists and turns from last year's mega-meta Roanoke, fans are currently anticipating what will presumably be a disgusting and often hilarious Season 7, and we're here to help all those fans out in the best way we know how. And it only involves the slightest amount of voodoo and witchcraft.

Below, you'll find a complete breakdown of everything that has come out for American Horror Story Season 7, from thematic news to trailers to the all-important question about what kind of weirdo Evan Peters will be playing this year. Remember to bookmark and keep checking back for new updates, because you never know when a Minotaur might show up with a bunch of good or bad news.

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When Will American Horror Story Season 7 Premiere?

Currently, FX has not come clean with any specific dates on which we might get to re-enter the lives of the most doomed people in fiction: American Horror Story characters. But, thanks to last season's big change-up in its seasonal timing, we have a much better clue on what we might expect from the next premiere window. While the first five seasons all aimed for October release dates that got Halloween ushered into the early storytelling, Roanoke shifted things earlier for a mid-September debut, which not only capitalized on beating some network series premieres, but also saved viewers from having to go through a winter hiatus before the final handful of episodes aired. All involved seemed to like that tactic's success, so expect an early fall start once more.

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What Have We Seen So Far From American Horror Story Season 7?

Though FX will eventually put out more 15-second American Horror Story teasers than there are costumes in Lady Gaga's closets, that particular slice of fun and excitement has not yet started. So, basically, the only thing we've seen so far from Season 7 is Ryan Murphy talking about it on talk shows and on stage. Fear not, though, because we are not far from the days of screaming spiders and angry aliens and all the other nightmarish atrocities this show's marketing team can come up with. Production on Season 7 is set to begin in June 2017.

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What's The Theme For American Horror Story Season 7?

It's every year's $64,000 question, and it's always one that gets fans pumped for the next season. And the upcoming general theme was thankfully touched upon far earlier in the year than Roanoke's was - even earlier than past seasons' - and Ryan Murphy initially claimed viewers will get to see some form of the 2016 Presidential election, as filtered through the unadulteratedly bizarre lens of American Horror Story.

Of course, saying American Horror Story Season 7 is going to be about "the election" is like saying Season 1 was about "a house." Truthful and applicable, sure, but hardly the most exhaustive way of describing things. (Even though we already kind of know what's going to happen in Season 8 and beyond.) As far as approach, Murphy recently stated that he isn't aiming to tackle just one particular side of the tumultuous campaign-to-vote process, but rather "all sides of the equation." We'll just have to wait and see exactly what that means, but he's also stated it will begin on election night and then track the horrific aftermath from that point forward. We should still expect flashbacks, though.

As far as the Big Two at the head of the election story, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were initially stated to be a part of it and then were tossed out. But American Horror Story will still reportedly either feature the duo outright or will have stand-in representations. (We've seen this show take on real-world people before, for better and worse.) The season isn't meant to center on either of them, either way, but rather others that are caught up in the situation. And "others" almost definitely includes a baker's dozen of supernatural creatures and legends. What better time could there be for an antichrist story?

Interestingly, before the election stuff came up, Murphy had already come out saying that Season 7 would tie in with certain Freak Show characters and their family histories. This was around the time when the Mott family stuff came up for Roanoke, so it's hard to tell if that angle will still be used within the context of the POTUS hunt.



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