New American Horror Story: Cult Video Gives Twisty The Comic Book Treatment

The new season of FX's anthology series American Horror Story is just a few days away, and the fandom could not be more excited. New information about American Horror Story: Cult has been slowly trickling out, including its cast of characters and how Season 7 will be influenced by the 2016 Presidential Election. Our limited knowledge of what the season will entail includes plenty of creeptastic clowns, and the resurgence of Freak Show sympathetic villain Twisty the Clown. It looks like this season will use Twisty as a published fictional character to terrify kids, and he's gotten the comic book treatment from a new video ahead of Cult's premiere. Check it out.

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Honestly, is there anything scarier than a murderous clown? No, no there is not.

This new video sheds a light on the mythology of Twisty in AHS: Cult, which should be a stark transition from the way the hardcore fandom feels about the killer clown.

In Freak Show, Twisty was the original villain of the season. We saw as the behemoth clown brutally murdered a young man in a field, utilizing a bowling pin and giant scissors as his weapon of choice. He then kidnapped the victim's girlfriend, and tried to use her as a babysitter for the children he planned to kidnap from the area. Throughout the early episodes, we saw Twisty brutally murder anyone who got in his way. Furthermore, he formed a relationship to the season's true villain: Finn Wittrock's Dandy Mott.

In the end, Twisty had a surprising redemption. When he's once again given the ability to speak thanks to the mystical Edward Mordrake, we're cued into his sad life story. A somewhat mentally disabled clown working at a carnival, he was unable to do his job after his fellow freaks made up a rumor that he was a child molester. He eventually tried to take his own life, but failed and blew half of his face off.

It should be interesting to see how Twisty's backstory factors into his presence in AHS: Cult. Perhaps his sad tale will be part of the comic book adaptation, although the above video painted Twisty as less pitiable and more pure evil. Twisty will also presumably inspire the clown faced creeps that have been present throughout Cult's marketing campaign. And with Sarah Paulson's Ally Mayfair-Richards absolutely terrified of clowns, it looks like her worst nightmare is going to come to life-- hopefully with actor John Carrol Lynch reprising his role as Twisty at some point.

All will be revealed when American Horror Story: Cult premiers on September 5th, 2017. This season will star favorites like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as well as newcomers like Billie Lourd and Billy Eichner. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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