Dwayne Johnson Got A Break From Black Adam Reshoots And Then Got Some Much-Need Downtime

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

There are some actors in Hollywood, that do so much that I genuinely don’t know how they have time for anything other than work. The leg day-loving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson certainly takes advantage of the later hours of the day to get in some f-bomb-worthy cheat meals but, apparently, he can get a little down time in, too. Taking a break from some pretty powerful Black Adam reshoots, Johnson posted a video of himself taking in some much-deserved recreational time.

Dwayne Johnson has been busting out bangers left and right, as his name seemed to rarely leave the discussion when it came to strong film performances. His newest upcoming movie, Black Adam, has had him pretty busy for the past year, so it's no surprise that he'd want to relish any kind of free time that he gets. In an Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson showed off his fishing skills, and the movie star and media mogul isn't bad at all. Check out the video below, in which Johnson brings in a pretty decent catch after a workout session:

I honestly cannot fathom hitting the gym as hard as The Rock does and then, instead of resting, going out to bake in the sun and catch some fish. I guess between his career and raising his daughters, though, you use any kind of free time that you get to do whatever things you love the most. It's clear that the star is having fun, too and, quite frankly, you love to see it.

Dwayne Johnson is really doing country fans everywhere proud with this video as well and not simply because he's fishing. The Jumanji star set his video to the tune of Brad Paisley’s “I’m Going to Miss Her”. The song is a kind of fisherman’s anthem, and it definitely works with Johnson’s video. However, I sincerely doubt that the family man would ever trade his family for a fishing trip.

Although he has seemingly taken a very well deserved breather, it’s not totally clear whether the actor is finished with reshoots for the highly anticipated DC Comics film. It’s likely that no one is more excited about the film than he is, as he was first cast to portray the powerful DC hero back in 2014 and has been talking about it since well before that time

Dwayne Johnson has been hyping up the film over on his social media accounts for a while now and, with the film's release date inching closer it only makes sense that he would take some time for himself, before what's sure to be a lengthy press tour. Black Adam, which was delayed again this year, is set to finally hit theaters on October 21st, and one would hope that it does indeed live up to the hype.

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